Monday, July 10, 2017

The Yoga Teacher, who Stands in the Rain

When Phoenix needed some One to Stand By him,  It was Mrs Pearl standing Beside him.  Mrs Pearl wasn't any ordinary teacher.    and  Phoenix, Mrs Pearl's student,  Possesses the Energy of a Category Five Hurricane.  Through his Energy, the Hulk, emotional and Physical Pain.  Mrs Pearl will forever be by Phoenix's side.      Phoenix, with All His Wind, Rain, and  Hurricane Force,  couldn't Move  Mrs Pearl from his side.     Special Needs Teachers , and kids Yoga Yoga teachers..  ask yourself,
When That Unbelievable Student comes on your Path, What will You do?
Every  Special Needs teacher or Kids Yoga teacher Loves a student,  that is easy, and just Is Sunny with Light..  That's taking the Easy Path..   Honestly , Ask yourself,  Can you even Stand in The Rain , The Rain a student like Phoenix Brings?   Sure, Students will always bring Storms, even on the Brightest , of Their Sun filled Days..  This We Know For Sure...   Phoenix, has Left an After Math.
With that  Hurricane After Math,  the Strongest Of Life Forces Imaginable.  Phoenix, Together with Mrs Pearl . have left a Yoga mantra to give to Children with Autism.  and a Possibility of a Great New Hope for Parents with Autism, when Often All Hope seems Lost,,
 with Phoenix's Aftermath ,he  Left,  the Calm,  The Calm,,  after the Hurricane..  He Left the Calm, that All Crystal children with Autism crave..   Phoenix, was able to find Balance within his massive Energy, with Mrs Pearl guiding her student through the Wind, Rain, and Force.  Phoenix could Count on her to show him the Joy of a  full day of Sunshine, and the Light the Day brings with it.  All because, Phoenix, through  the natural Silent power of Yoga,  has learned the Yoga Mantra "I am Calm"
This wasn't an easy Path to a absolute new way of thinking of Yoga,  and what "I am Calm" means to a special needs child.  Not an Easy Path.  This Path was Only experienced by Mrs Pearl and Phoenix.  They were growing together, but, it took an entire school year to reach the Moment we are at Now.. Yoga Therapy could reach your child, with a Yoga special needs teacher.     And Calm their soul. Remember,  Kids Inclusive Yoga teachers,  are not All Mrs Pearl.  There will be those Yoga Teachers that feed their Ego..  There will be those Yoga teachers who pass their extra Challenging students off on another Yoga Assistant  or CO teacher.  The sad part is the Ego of a Yoga teacher that is so consumed with their own Self, missed a wonderful gift ,A gift from Lord Shiva himself... he placed him at your feet...    A child who is gifted with the Power to teach in complete Silence.   A Child!!!  the Child, my Phoenix was born with out a single Cry. He Completely entered our World in Silence. But, with his Giant Eyes open, he knew how to communicate in Silence....  one Yoga teacher, Recognized him.  She didn't understand what he was at First, but knew she was  given a Gift ...... ...  I wish you Luck in finding the Teacher who Accepts your child's challenges,  and works through their challenging behavior with Yoga.  most important, I pray the Yoga teacher you find for your Child, will recognize the Gift  your Child is......  Believe me,  Students will Challenge their Teachers....  Students have been challenging their teachers since the Dawn of Education.  A Yoga teacher and a Student, must begin on the Same level. without Ego..  You Never Truly realize who the Student IS until the End of your time together..

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