Monday, August 30, 2010

maybe some day

just as i thought, Phoenix had a terrible meltdown on his first day of school. he ran to the classroom bathroom slammed the door and started screaming as loud as he could. Phoenix was also the first one of the children to open the door and run out of the classroom.
i know he will adjust soon.

there's a lot of news today about autism's link to vaccines. the court of appeals struck in down again.

i dont have an opinion on the vaccine autism link. my son was not one of the children who were born typical, then received a vaccine, and then slip into The autism Spectrum.

When Phoenix was born, he was born On the Spectrum. I kept asking my husband over and over why isnt he crying?... I heard not a sound from him. but what i saw was huge deep black eyes starring back at me. it was if he was communicating through his eyes.
I believe his autism began right then.
I remember the nurses giving him a 5 and 6 on the apgar scale. i think that what its called.

Phoenix has a special gift, i havent figured it out yet. maybe some day

Sunday, August 29, 2010

school begins

tomorrow the little Phoenix returns to school. thanks goodness its a new school, and he will not have a meltdown on the way there. probably when i walked out of the classroom do, he will begin to scream. i am so nervous. the set up of this classroom is different than his last one. there is no safety gate or anything to keep a child from opening the door and escaping the early childhood compound. my Phoenix moves like an Indian, (feather not a dot) he swiftly and fast.

I am a nervous wreck,, i dont want Phoenix to rebel and have a regression, because of starting up school.

i cant wait to see some positive results from using the fish oil in Phoenix's milk.
the Phoenix,
my dreams for you this school year
make some friends
play with others
make it in the end of the year school program play for parents
put more words together
be a good boy

there will two other children in his class with autism. 8 or 9 typicals.
we will see,
let's go speech therapy!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Blues

it has been one wild, busy fast summer. my goal this summer was to have Phoenix potty trained before school. he was doing fine, UNTIL that pesky little term called REgrEssion, had to put a shroud over my Phoenix. Autism and regression, seem to go hand in hand. we can not escape it.
Phoenix was going pee and poo finally. i was so happy and proud. getting the communication down with the potty training was as hard as you think. but anyway, i degress.
I had to go get my other son, yes there is another, from PA. we took a road trip, Damn Road trip.
when we got home Phoenix would peepee just fine, but not the poo poo, can you imagine, I was so happy about Phoenix's progress potty training, then, a road trip plus autism = regression.....

Phoenix is talking ok. he is saying more and more words. Its like, thinking to myself.......
he just has a hard time moving his tongue to form words. its pretty interesting watching and listening to him.

today we were outside,Phoenix and me. I watched this child pick up a bumble bee, he picked it up by the bees wings. can you imagine my horror looking at this child, he held the bee up and looks at him and lets him go. now, he does this reguraly with butter flies. NothInG happened, the bee just flew away.. I dont know...
I dont understand it, but Phoenix decided he was going on a kissing spree. he was not kissing me either, he was kissing the flowers. maybe because Fall is sneaking up on us. and the Flowers will be gone soon

its Back to School time. I must say, I will be glad to see Phoenix go back to school. Speech therapy will begin again. and he needs it.........