Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pisces and Karmic Astrology

The typical Pisces Karmic destiny is one of change, variation and sudden shifts of fortune from good to bad. You may be on the top of the world one day, then slip into a a reverse and find yourself scraping the bottom.

The ancients knew of this Karmic burden carried by Pisces, but it is the twelfth house of the Zodiac, called the house of misfortune and self undoing. But take heart, your highly sensitive nature is intuitive and highly developed spiritually.

The symbol of your sign is two fishes-one swimming upstream and one swimming downstream. You can reduce your Karmic debts by making up your mind that you will constantly aim yourself towards the heights of idealism, beauty and good. In this way you will direct your concentration on swimming upstream.

Your ruling planet is Neptune, the sign of mystery that rules nebulous, strange phenomena and the dream world of unreality. You are changeable, vacillating, uncertain and often misdirected by people who are close to you.

Yet this sign is one of the most intuitive, psychic and spiritual of all the signs in the Zodiac. When you choose the upward path, overcome your tendency to daydream and escape responsibility.

You often sacrifice for others. Members of your family and your friends know they can depend on you; because of your kindness and inability to say "No", they often use you and abuse you. This can often bring difficulties as you do not want to believe that people can be evil or that they can harm you. When you do discover that you have been betrayed, you suffer deep hurt and become extremely disillusioned.

Pisces people are fascinated by the mystical things in life. You usually investigate astrology, metaphysics, Yoga teachings, meditation, psychic phenomena, spiritual healing and related subjects. You are a mystic in the true sense of the word.

Because of this tendency towards escapism, you may find yourself unable to cope with practical reality; problems regarding finances, romance, marriage and work often swamp you.

Your Karmic destiny is to build an inner spiritual strength and to rise above the physical and material forces of life. You will be guided to your right destiny if each day you withdraw into quiet meditation and ask for guidance from your higher psychic mind centers.

You tend to be touched by compassion for the suffering of humanity and you constantly strive to relieve the pain of others. The sign of Pisces has a great deal of personal magnetism to those born under this mysterious power.

Romance for Pisces

Your sign is very magnetic; you have a great ability to attract those who love you and want to be romantically involved. This is a great asset but sometimes can be troublesome.

Never rush into marriage until you have known the person for at least a year. Use this trial period to test the other person's character in various situations. You are highly sensitive to the moods of others so try to avoid people who are moody or depressed.

The signs of Capricorn and Taurus are too stubborn and hardheaded for you. They might shock you with their regimentation and outright actions.

The air signs Libra, Gemini and Aquarius might be too changeable and independent for your sign.

You are romantically attracted to those born in the water signs. Scorpio is an excellent sign for you, being loyal, romantic and passionate. But avoid a Scorpio who is not highly developed. They can sting you with their sarcasm.

The water sign of Cancer is good for Pisces. These people are highly sensitive, emotional and idealistic. But do not choose a Cancer who is overly moody and depressed.

With the earth sign of Virgo, your opposite, there will be attraction and detraction.

The signs of Leo, Aries and Sagittarius, all fire signs, should be avoided by Pisceans. They tend to be too strong and dominant for you sensitive, highly emotional nature.

The emotional water sign of Pisces is the sign of patience and tolerance for all people.

Brightest of Blessings,

Lory Woortman is a writer, water color artist and garden designer. Lory is interested in the study of quantum physics, Norse Myths and Religion. She lives in a small country town in North East Pennsylvania with her writer husband, Ellis and her little dog Dixie. Lory has a blog and written many articles that are "Free," pertaining to Norse Mythology, Shamanism, Runes and Quantum Physics.

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Cure Autism

this story has been lurking in my mind for months now so here it is..... one day i was in a parking lot and i glanced at the car beside me, and there was a " cure autism ribbon" on her car. i thought to myself, "CURE AUTISM really? " and the thought of curing Autism boggled my mind.. but then Last night I realized maybe the "Cure" would be for the lost fathers out there. As mothers we seem to understand Our autistic Sons . but for the fathers and dads out there.. i wish the cure would be for the father's hearts to be healed. Autism effects a father deeply.. dreams,, a fathers dream for their son to be in their own image...
As Phoenix grows his speech continues to improve. but not fast enough for Phoenix's father. i feel awful for my husband when a Typical child is around him and Phoenix. IT is So Very clear the difference.. and i feel my husbands hurt.... Please find a cure for that Pain.
Phoenix on the other hand is fine. he is talking and is almost Potty trained. Phoenix is Crystal and we cant cure that either......... Sensory is crazy... if you have a crystal child as sensitive as mine, bless your heart.
today is the first day of April... its Autism awareness month... if you are lucky enough to receive a hug from an autistic crystal child... take it.. its very close to heaven..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

the wish.. American Tax payer

if i were to have a wish for my Autistic son, my little crystal child, Phoenix.
i know this may be seem strange for most of my readers, but here is the wish.
the wish for my son is.. to one day Become an AMERICAN TAX PAYER!!! i do not wish for my son to be a burden on medicaid funds, SSI checks, Food stamps. and this is exactly what will happen if we do not change the Tides of the Autism trend. Insurance companies are denying speech therapy, occupational therapy. and anything and everything that is.. Autism. my husband works for a Large and Powerful company in the United States. and That company ALSO says NO to Autism treatments and the company owns the insurance company. here is the only example of insurance coverage for Speech Therapy...... the person would have to be injured, i.e. car wreck, and loose their speech, then, and only then will speech therapy be covered. I have read that parents of autistic children have faked injuries to cover speech in desperation.
"oops JOHN DOE fell down the stairs and lost his speech" BAM speech therapy is COVERED!
Phoenix's per session (not per hour) is $120.00 so, if oneday Phoenix cant make it through an hour his speech therapy session is over. thats...... $120.00 funny right?
some parents can not afford the cost of speech therapy.
where i am, Phoenix is in an early childhood class in the Public school system. and he has a speech therapist provided by the school.
through most of my reading, being a parent of autism.... the earlier and intense therapies work best the younger the child. that's why Phoenix has a private therapist along with the school therapist, and he is in the early childhood class.
God has provided opportunities for Phoenix in so many ways. God put us here in this good Place for Phoenix.
I dont know, but autism is such a mystery. the autistic children are like snow flakes, NO TWO ARE ALIKE. I also believe this to be true of the Crystal children. no two are alike
and as for the wish. Phoenix, when you are old enough, i pray that everything we have done for you amounts to you becoming an AMERICAN TAXPAYER, and not a burden on the state.
i dont understand AMERICA???
pay for Autism therapy NOW, and gain an American tax payer later....
or NOT?

Friday, February 11, 2011

that ITCH?

I have Been Fighting a reoccurring skin rash on Phoenix. I have used so many products to help clear up this Rash. the doctor prescribed some hydrocortisone 2.5 % and it need not do anything to clear up this Rash. so, then i mixed hydrocortisone and Aveno together to clear up the Rash and it Did Not Work! i even tried, Oil of olay moisturizing shower wash. on him and eliminating bath water on skin.
Well, i love skin products, so, and I have been using cetaphil moisturizing cream for my face in the evening. And one night Phoenix happened to be in my bathroom after a shower. and i just bent down and started smearing the Cetaphil cream all over Phoenix's legs. and i really didnt pay much attention to Phoenix's legs until the next evening at his shower time. and Phoenix's legs appeared soft and not dry at All. well, i thought.
I have continued to keep him moisturized with the Cetaphil. but, i have noticed there have been more skin bumps healing and then reappearing on another area of his skin. i dont know if Phoenix's diet has anything to do with it. Phoenix did get into Candy yesterday and he woke up with really dry skin this morning. i feel so bad for Phoenix because i do not know if his skin itches him or not because of his Autism . but i have never seen him scratch either.. i have noticed when Phoenix's skin is soft his communication is better and he can focus on an activity for longer periods of time.
i dont really know, except i will keep trying cetaphil. if you try the cetaphil for dry skin for your Autistic child, be sure its the cream and not the lotion. the cream has mineral oil in it...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

more and more

dear god please, i dont mean to bother you, but this you can fix. Please hear me cry.
Now, God, I need you, dont fail me.
God has given me a Son. I need my child to be like the rest.
i seem to have so many problems that i dont know an answer to. i want a LIFE for my son with ALL the World has to offer.
Phoenix is talking more and more. Autism sucks. i hate the Label of Autism. even more the label of the high functioning Autistic. which Phoenix has been newly titled. my husband was super pissed until i pointed out some other high functioning autistics.
I believe these super children with fantastic talents are here for a Reason. more and more are born everyday. Phoenix's memory is remarkable..