Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Parents of Crystal Children, Reach Out, Find The Crystal Path

This means
"My soul honors your soul.  I honor the place in you where the entire Universe resides.  I honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me.  In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one."
 In Kids Yoga,  Namaste "The Best  Parts of Me and the Best parts of you, are the Same"

Lately, I've been searching around the internet for web pages, and for  Facebook Groups, looking for Crystals, Indigos, starseeds, intuitive, or Empathy Groups.  Just for a  Support Group to help with Phoenix. and maybe find something, I didnt know. I'm Just looking for Friends that are going through Life with a crystal child.  I knew it was time to reach further out to Crystal children Parents.. 
Of Course, One of the websites I came across, was called the Channeling, Owned by a Psychic and Spiritual Healer. She actually has a Crystal Children Characteristic  page on her site.  She Missed a couple of HUGE Characteristics of Crystal Children. that sounded Alarm Bells with me. at the time of this Psychic's writing in 2015. She had only met two Crystal Children.  and One she found on Facebook.
I think to myself, "A Genuine Psychic  has only found two Crystal children??"  Shaking my head, They are everywhere!! I continued reading and with  Great Ego , This Psychic, on her website, Invited parents to send her a picture of your child. and she would know straight away, if your Child is a Crystal Child or not??  Knowing what I know about Phoenix.  and Learning about different Crystal Children on our Path of 10 Years , I had to send a Picture a Phoenix. To test her.  And She Failed Miserably. and I knew she would, even before I sent the picture..  With all the Magic, Wonder, an Enlightenment Phoenix has shared to others without words because of Autism, the incredible Astral Telepathy experience, I will never heal from as his mother and much much more.  She Identified My Son as an Indigo.   I'm still Laughing at that! Indigo,  lol..
  My son, Phoenix even in a picture chose, NO, to this Psychic. This Mommy was Proud.
 from a previous post,Crystal Children with Brown Eyes, Crystals in Disguise. I explain Crystal Children have the ability to hide from certain  People . especially Psychics ..
Please Parents of Crystal Children be mindful, of  Psychics,and Mediums and everything in between. They are not always Genuine. A Crystal Child will only reveal themselves to someone who is genuine, and even then The Crystal Child may not reveal themselves.  Its a Protection for them.
I learned in my searches, There are a lot of Psychics and People claiming to have Powers and they claim to be so Powerful!!!. Sometimes, I can actually ask the person "what POWERS do you have??" With  My Own abilities, My  First Born's abilities, and  Phoenix's  abilities, the Curiosity gets me every time and I have to ask "what is the POWERS you claim?".  and after what Happened to my baby Phoenix a couple of weeks ago.  These  "POWERS" the people are so excited to have,  it just makes me wonder, if these people are Genuine?

 On my Path, I learned that Powers only mean POWER!   POWER only creates an EGO. EGO  will cause your Destruction, and your POWER will fade. 

MY Phoenix was born with  his Abilities.. He has an ability to see Flowers with his eyes, the ability to smell every flower with his nose, the ability to hear with his ears a Bird Chirp in the morning, and the ability to love his life. And then being born Crystal .  I often wonder if the Gods Choose more children With Autism to be the Crystal children, because they can never develop an EGO.

Through my travels, I have encountered face to face around 100 Crystal Children.  Phoenix's Gift to me . Not to mention, searching Internet for  Crystal Children eyes, and looking at the many differences.. Just years and years of my own  Crystal Children Research.  I joined a Facebook group and Parents post pics of Children and ask what people's  intuition tell them about the child.  I can spot a Crystal Child, an Indigo and a Starseed.  I didn't want to overstep my boundaries with the group and decided to post only on a few comments, because I am new to the group, I just don't want to appear to be a Know it All.
as I mentioned earlier in the Post ,its just time to reach further out to Crystal children Parents.
Its Just Time to help Guide Parents of Crystal Children.  I believe I have experienced enough to take On this Role.  I  am not Powerful, and without Ego , and I have cried many tears for My crystal Child.
To begin your Path as Parent to a Crystal Child., sometimes you just need to "KNOW" about your child. You must begin , quickly!  Beginning your Path to help your Crystal Child Now! Your Child will be growing into an Aura Vibration, you can not comprehend..  Even I can Not with Phoenix..., and I am here to help and Guide You.  I have an ability, an Ability that is meant to be Shared with Parents of Crystal Children.

So if you think you have A Crystal Child? Maybe a Starseed? Are you are an Indigo Child? Private Message Me, Send Me a Picture of your Child. Honestly, it could take a couple of days, or take a hour. Maybe more than One Picture.  I will always respond if I need a little more time.
I just want to Help you find the answers you seek..
Always Private Message me your Crystal Children Pics.
Message me,  REACH OUT! and I can Help.. we are Parents in this together, we are the Same!

 To The Parents of Crystal Children.. Namaste'
 "The Best  Parts of Me and the Best parts of you, are the Same" 
"My soul honors your soul.  I honor the place in you where the entire Universe resides.  I honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me.  In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one."


Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Wonder of Crystal Children Friends, Healing Light through the YOGA Boat Pose

Thank you for Stopping by.
Phoenix has had a Rough week since Our Family Turmoil Started nine days ago.

Since that Very Moment, Of Phoenix's Daddy loosing his job.
Phoenix 's astral telepathy  Full Adrenalin with Tears for his daddy moment.

Phoenix just wasn't himself.  He was Gone. My smiling Phoenix disappeared.
I know As Parent of Child who has autism , They withdraw.
My Phoenix was Gone for Nine days though.. Nine days I didn't have my sweet loving boy.
Nine Days my sweet Loving Phoenix was gone, and a Phoenix I had never experienced  slowly Appeared.
MY Heart was broken. Of course for Phoenix's Daddy and the job loss.
But, worse, My Phoenix was Traumatized by his astral telepathy experience.
It took me Putting the events that happened  to Phoenix together. (Mentioned in the previous post)
and after two days of  feeling Phoenix's Pain.
I just layed down and cried for my Son. and Cried and Cried.

AS a Crystal Mother, that was just to much for My Son to endure.
That Moment of experiencing  astral telepathy, or To many*Clairs at Once.
I imagined it happening again to him. was this going to be for the rest of his Life? and Cried and Cried for him.And with Phoenix sensitivity heightened,  there was just a dark cloud over us, every time the phone rang.  it was never anything positive.
Phoenix, felt every pain, felt sadness, just everything his Daddy was feeling.
With his Daddy and myself, trying to get on with Our Life.Phoenix's Daddy went back to his Craft. His First Job at this Corporation.Going Back to his Craft means, He went back to the Place he used to Manage.  Manager of Hundreds! and went back to being a employee..
The Day Phoenix's Dad returned to work on Thursday morning .
Phoenix Lost it when His Teacher Assistant had to leave the classroom.
That Triggered an Adrenaline tap, that Mrs Pearl, could not help him Control.
Phoenix became  The Ultimate Hulk.Phoenix was Uncontrollable, becoming almost Unstoppable.
And with his Mind not being able to control the Adrenaline tapped Hulk.Phoenix hurt Mrs Pearl.   I feel terrible for Mrs Pearl. She deserves better from Phoenix.
 Mrs Pearl even Being hurt by Phoenix,
Brought Phoenix back down from his Hulk state.
When Phoenix came back ,
He just layed down on a mat, with deep sadness, That even Mrs. Pearl could not bare.I wanted to come get him from School. Mrs Pearl said Phoenix would Learn a Meltdown will bring Mommy. This was Beyond any Meltdown..
 I listened to her, and I let him stay at school. but, I wanted him with me.
at the end the Day, Mrs.Pearl  sent a text that his energy was wacky today.
After Full Adrenaline, Hulk, and a Burning Up Phoenix.I knew she was right.when He got home.
I knew Phoenix going through a yoga session with me and then a five minute resting pose. I could get my hands on him long enough to feel his energy deep within him. You could think Like Reiki,.
I put my Hands on His Heart chakra for a minute, and then Something told me to Move my Hand down a little bit, Which is the Solar Plexus Chakra..
Phoenix sent me back an Energy Surge that bumped my hand.
I shook my head, and He bumped my hand back  again.    I've never had that happen before.
I knew Immediately,  Phoenix was Energy sick.
Phoenix dad went to work, he was going to be gone for a while.
I decided Phoenix needed to stay home from school. with me, with his Daddy away. So, Phoenix
could start finding Peace,
and Help His Mommy Clear the House Of the Negative Energy.
We had a great time,Phoenix did his Yoga , and  Crystal work. and I gave him loving hug after after loving hug .
But, Gazing in those Crystal Eyes, Everything we did together just wasn't enough.
I was so sad, and depressed,  . I just wanted my Son back.
I knew he was Alone and lived through  his own living nightmare. 
I kept Gazing in his Crystal Eyes, Begging him to let me in, and come back with me.
A smiling Phoenix Brings So Much Light..  and I needed my Light Phoenix! We all missed His Light!
I was a Lost Parent Of a Crystal Child with Autism Again.

Yoga and Our Crystal Children  Friends.
A couple weeks ago at Yoga class, One of the Younger Crystal Children, was Not having Yoga That day. She was not feeling Yoga.and  She was a screaming mess. It happens with these Crystals.  It is not easy for them..  Again NOT an Easy Life.
Mrs Pearl tried to soothe  her , but nothing stopped the screaming.
Phoenix was on his Yoga mat and Mrs Pearl  decided to bring her over to Phoenix.
Phoenix stuck his feet out on Instinct, and this sweet Crystal Child placed her feet on his. Yoga Boat Pose. Phoenix sharing  his  Healing Light, Through their feet touching.began balancing out the vibration she was still upset, but it soothed her enough to stop Screaming. In Yoga this is the Boat Pose.. THE BOAT POSE! The Healing Boat pose.

When the next Yoga Class Came.  I was a Nervous wreck!
 Phoenix was still  just not  completely Back. 
I didn't know what to Expect from Him in Yoga.
I kept telling Phoenix
I am Calm ,
On the ride to Yoga.
I am Calm.
I took him to Yoga Class,and  I hoped for the Best.
Well, by The Wonder of Crystal Children Friends.
The Younger Crystal Child from last week were placed with Phoenix's mats  side by side this class.
Phoenix wasn't so sure about being so Close to her, and being Little Yogis together.

Phoenix chooses very carefully who his friends are. Even a much younger Child..
Phoenix making sure she had genuine Crystal love, as they tried to do The Boat Pose together.
Then Another Boat Pose  feet to feet.
Phoenix, Knew after that last Boat Pose,  She was a Crystal Friend..
When that Happened, Crystal Friends Found each other's Light.
Phoenix Trusted her as if he had known her since the Beginning of time.
Yoga Boat Pose again.
Phoenix and the Young Crystal touched feet, and balanced out their vibration, and The Young Crystal Shared her Healing light , just as Phoenix had Shared his Healing light and soothed her at the last class.
Phoenix's Light had returned.
Their Crystal Light  between those to Crystal children  Brightened the Whole Yoga class.

 These Two Crystal Children  were creating More Wonder among the Other Children in class,.
The Other Children stopped their Yoga Poses, to watch the Wonder of Crystal Children working together. and like Magnets the other children were drawn to two Crystal Children's wonder. And with the healing Light of a New Crystal Friend. and all the Wonder of the class.Phoenix smiled. Phoenix a Happy Loving Smile.   For the First time in over a nine days.Phoenix was Smiling that Beautiful Smile. His Crystal Light Could be seen again in those Crystal eyes. His Young Crystal Friend helped him. She  Healed him, in a way , I could Not .Crystal Children healing abilities used to help each other. 
The Wonder Of Crystal Children Friends.

Parents of crystal children find a yoga class as soon as you can. Crystal Children need to Find Comfort in their Aura Vibration. Yoga is the way.


**clairsentience (meaning clear sensing or emotional layer sensing),
clairvoyance (meaning clear seeing as with the Third Eye),
clairaudience (meaning clear hearing),
and claircognizance (meaning clear knowingness).

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Crystal Children, Telepathy, Clairvoyance,an Empath , and a Phoenix

Good Morning, Good Day.
As a Crystal caregiver to my Baby Phoenix,
I have found my self constantly searching the Internet looking for Crystal Children Characteristics.
We are Curious, so ,we look for answers.
I've searched for Crystal children and Real Telepathic stories.  All my searches kept bringing up were your Crystal Children Characteristics web pages . with Telepathy listed.

Sometimes, as a Crystal Mom, I looked at what happens around Phoenix, and I feel some days  , THIS JUST can Not be happening. This is Just a Dream.. And I need to Wake Up!
There was No Dream and it is 2:30 and Phoenix is AT IT Again.

well, this past week was an emotionally mentally depressing week. I Apologize  for the negative Energy.
 But, I have A Story to Tell.
and This story is a little long, But just follow with me, or please bookmark the page,  and comeback to visit me..

My Husband has been with a Corporate Businesses for 12 years.  well, this Corporate Business has Went through Corporate takeover by Cut throat of a CEO.  Employees by the thousands have lost their Careers after this Corporate take over.  My Husband was Devoted to make his section of the Corporation a Great Success.  He being on a salary for 12 years,  Working how every many Hours and days Straight to  "JUST to get the Job Done.!" And Our Family Moved when they told us to. four times in 11 years.
This Corporation CEO decided to Reorganize My Husband's section and Many Other Sections through the east Coast .  and its not a building.
this place just has a bunch of tracks , on a huge chunk of Land, and I bet you can find One of these Tracks Near you.  WINK WINK
Reorganizing this section was Madness for  Everyone. My Devoted Husband work 30 days straight, 14 hours a day, Night Shift..

With Husband working so much, Ive been reading about Arch Angels and Ascended Masters.  I couldn't Help my self but look at their imagines on a web search. I was hypnotized. But One Arch Angel.  I spent hours looking at picture after picture.  looking at the Metatron cube. I didn't under stand why Metatron keep returning to my thoughts.
Finally, I decided to web search Metatron and crystal children.
Metatron is the Overseer of the Indigo, Crystal Children, And Sensitive Children.
Messages have a funny way to get to Me. 
and Always Remember  Crystal Care Givers, Just Listen.
anyway, my mind is here and there,  Realizing I found an  Arch Angel to call upon for Help, Aid, and Guidance for Phoenix, I felt Hope. Hope.

Phoenix has had some trouble keep Calm Lately.  If Phoenix isn't calm, you just cant imagine..
Mrs Pearl was working hard with Phoenix with yoga and Mantras.
"I am Calm"
Phoenix has been making Mrs Pearl feel so many emotions lately.
Mrs.Pearl has a strong Link with Phoenix,  and I know That is Mrs. Pearl being the Fierce Indigo that she is..
I don't know how Phoenix does It, but, he will give her a new challenge  everyday At School.
And everyday Mrs. Pearl Accepts the Challenge whether she realizes it or not. and they do the Best they can  together to  get Through His Challenge as a team.
Everyday,  Mrs Pearl never giving up!!!. working through the challenge Of Phoenix's Day.
Mrs. Pearl is the Pearl Of My Phoenix's WORLD !

here and there
Since I was a child, I can see energy colors radiating , moving , doing the energy dance.
 Night Time is always the best Time to see the Light Show Of Energy.
With Husband gone every night.I was up late in my Bedroom.
MY Room starting Lighting up at 3:30 in the morning.
A Strong veil of Bright light with Green energy appeared in my room,
 then another veil of pink purple Fell.
Let me tell you the Green energy Veil was a color I've Never seen  in my life.
That Green told me that This was ARCHANGEL  Metatron. I can feel IT
I Couldn't believe what I seeing,
ArchAngel Metatron choose to show me his Presence.
Quickly, I had to embrace what I was experiencing and  began Asking for Help 
I pleaded for Guidance for My son. I pleaded for Phoenix to find balance within himself.
Phoenix's Light. Phoenix's Dark.
I prayed to Metatron Please let Phoenix give Peace,Healing, Joy,  Hope, and Genuine Love to our  World as it is fading away   . I prayed, Let Phoenix be himself and teach enlightenment without words. I prayed , I'm grateful For All the Crystal  Friends Who were able to Find Phoenix.Which brought more Peace,Healing, Joy,  Hope, and Genuine Love to our World.

I prayed to ArchAngel Metatron, please let Phoenix learn" I am Calm"in his human self and soul.
"I am Calm"

I prayed "I am thankful for Mrs Pearl's yoga, Phoenix finally is feeling good in his own skin and vibration.

Thank You! Thank you!   Thank you For spending some time with me. love and Light Archangel  Metatron..

The colorful energy veil lifted and I went to sleep.

A couple days past, And Mrs. Pearl was having great success at keeping Phoenix Calm focusing on  their Yoga Poses.  Going outside watering their Class Plants and visiting the school chickens. smiling, happy, and even trying his best to Focus on his class work.   Mrs. Pearl and Phoenix were learning to keep a handle on  " I am Calm"
 Everyday is a new a day. Mrs. Pearl was making A Difference in my Phoenix's Crystal Spirit and Human Self.
Creating a Balance in my Child's Aura Vibration, that is beyond measure as I know it to be.
Phoenix was finding Happy days, with his balance and was loving Life. And Mrs Pearl gave him those Happy days Smiling Phoenix Days!!

Days past, My Husband still working every night shift 14 hours. Trying to make his Corporate Section Reorganized.  We were worried . This Corporation has Fired Manager After Manger.

My Husband had survived through the Cuts and was offered  a move somewhere else in the Corporation and a raise..  He came home, told me and, I was happy he made the Manager Cuts.
But, this means, We Move again!  and WORSE, Phoenix would not have Mrs Pearl.

Autism Parents, when you Find That Special Teacher, that can reach your child.  Change your Child TO using his Words, that turn to Sentences.  To being able to Calm your Child with Autism through A Melt Down..  Hello, Parents, I found a Miracle in Mrs Pearl.
I have moved several times, and finding another  Natural Talent Of an Autism teacher that can reach my Phoenix, I was Destroyed just thinking of Phoenix leaving her.
With  My Phoenix through the moves, I've only Found TWO teachers with Talent. Phoenix has been to four different schools and he  is 10 years old.  From what I have Learned, Autism Teachers are a Natural Talent!!! sure, you can get your 4 year degree, and become a special needs teacher.
But, Without the Natural Ability to Reach a child with Autism, That teacher will waste precious time!  As Autism Parents, WE DO NOT HAVE TIME TO WASTE..  take it from me, I feel like Phoenix lost a couple of years in school, just  because the Teacher didn't have the Natural Talent to reach him.
And when There isn't a Natural Talent teacher My Phoenix will  withdraw.
**Parents a Natural Talent Autism Special needs Teacher, is a Teacher that has the ability to Reach and  Pull your  Completely withdrawn , autistic child out.  and when they Come Out.
I've witnessed a withdrawn, non verbal 11 year old, with a Natural Talent Autism Teacher, create a miracle, when the non verbal Child SPOKE! Miracle Right!!!  Tear of Joys!! Only Autism Parents would comprehend the magic of hearing your child's voice after 11 years.

We were Moving, and My Phoenix was leaving his Mrs Pearl. I cried for a day.  Yes..  a day..  Lucky, my husband still had a job. Me being Phoenix's Mother, I knew it would break my Phoenix's Heart. My Crystal Child, when he Cries and he hurts, you can feel it deep in your Soul. His Tears are what I call "Finding Never Land Tears".  Seeing Phoenix Cry with his Crystal Eyes and with the most genuine heart, and the huge water swells, in his eyes.   I didn't want him to feel the Pain without Life with Mrs. Pearl.  Mrs Pearl has become far more than his Teacher, and Yoga Student. Mrs Pearl and Phoenix are Kindred Spirits.
I felt a Huge loss, of Moving Phoenix away, from Mrs Pearl.
Mrs Pearl can Reach Phoenix Like No Other.
Phoenix finally being able to grow into his Aura Vibration in comfort, through Yoga with Mrs Pearl.
Mrs Pearl has this Energy about her that Phoenix Loves. and for Once away from home he is feels good in his own skin.   Mrs Pearl's ability to help him control his Darkness , before he goes into Rage and The Hulk.  With his ability to Stay Calm, More words and Sentences.
Mrs Pearl Did this!!!!!!!!
I was in Mother mode, How Can I Take Phoenix away from the best thing that ever happened to him,.Mrs. Pearl!  A teacher that could Reach him,The Teacher who I felt was Phoenix's only hope.. 
The Teacher that  made a DIFFERENCE!! MADE A difference and a better life for a Child with Autism.
My Phoenix, My Crystal Child.  My heart was Broken in a Million pieces for you..
I wished My Phoenix didn't have to leave Mrs Pearl. over and Over..

I finally got the courage and Called Mrs Pearl, to tell her the News.. Phoenix was moving.  I was a terrified mother. I know what kind of Special Education teachers are out there..of, Course I was a basket case.. I couldn't wait to tell her in person. I couldn't have Phoenix being at the school the next day, and her not know that Phoenix was leaving , and to enjoy all the bad and wonderful moments.. I hung up, and just cried for the rest of the night.

In My Distress, Crying at 4:00 in the morning.
I asked Archangel Metatron , How Could you?? Move Phoenix from Mrs Pearl..
She is the Best thing that ever happened to Phoenix.
I Begged Arch Angel Metatron ,Overseer of the Indigo, Crystal Children, And Sensitive Children.
Please Protect My baby. My Crystal baby Phoenix..
If this is what are Destiny is, then so be it.
 But Please Protect My Phoenix

**Telepathy, Clairvoyance,an Empath , and a Phoenix ***
Mrs Pearl Is credited for Witnessing these accounts. 

Crystal Children Can Do Miracles that are Amazing and fill your mind with wonder.
And THEN Crystal Children Have Abilities that WILL TERRIFY YOU!!
My Phoenix, my love.
Every time I think about this, I need to Cry For Phoenix..

Then Something Unlike I've Never read about in a million Internet searches ,
 Crystal Children Telepathy
This kind of Telepathy is not what you think. 

 I wasn't even there For Phoenix when this happened to Him, But, Mrs Pearl was there, Thank the Gods
 Friday morning. Phoenix walked into the classroom with His Arms Open Wide, wanting a hug Just For Mrs. Pearl. He loves her...
Mrs Pearl sent me a Text with joy
Phoenix , unpacked, signed in, and sat down on his yoga mat.
Phoenix decided Out of Know Where, to Pick up his 93 Pound  Crystal class mate.
And Put him Down Safely.
Sensing Something was Happening with Phoenix
Mrs Pearl Went straight to Yoga For Phoenix

Phoenix stayed on his yoga mat, really trying to participate in yoga.
Then I receive a ANOTHER  Text "He is MAD"from Mrs Pearl
Something HAPPENED to my baby.. My baby Phoenix..

Something was Pulling his mind away, Phoenix .Fighting what he was feeling, hearing and seeing in his Mind.
He couldn't look at anyone but Mrs Pearl. Crushing his glasses,
 Mrs Pearl sent a text "he destroyed his glasses"
Phoenix then began throwing his body up and down screaming. saying "no don't hurt me" while his head was down on the floor, almost like he was about to do his head stand.

"Don't Hurt Me"
 Mrs Pearl Looking Into Phoenix's Crystal  eyes with  "Finding Never land Tears" Crying Out For His DADDY!! " DADDY"
"Mrs Pearl says to him"
"Phoenix is Calm "

"Mrs Pearl's Here"
"Phoenix is Safe"

 Phoenix was Not There, He wanted to be .. But His Mind's Eyes was Opened.
Mrs Pearl Sensed Phoenix was fighting what was happening in his mind

Mrs Pearl Wasn't Given Up.
Trying to work through it with him ", Tears streaming Down his Face Crying Out For His daddy!  Mrs Pearl  would have Phoenix take his Deep Yoga breaths., but he'd go right back to screaming for his Daddy.
Phoenix repeating "Don't Hurt Me!"

 Phoenix trying to get help to release what was happening in his mind
Phoenix stuck his feet out like he wanted Mrs Pearls's hands on his feet, And Instinct Phoenix has about grounding. Bare feet and Anyone to Pull that energy out.
Mrs Pearl gently placed her hands on the bottom of his feet and tried to rock his body from side to side like in a happy baby pose. It soothed him for a couple of seconds, then he had a jolt of energy and threw his feet up and started screaming again.
Phoenix's Body was in full adrenaline Hulk State.
There was no Rage, Just Massive "Finding Neverland Tears"
Crying out for his Daddy
This was unlike anything Mrs Pearl had ever witnessed from Phoenix,
 But, His Eyes were Different. His eyes were different a mixture of asking  for Help and Anger.
and the TEARS!

Mrs Pearl  is STILL Trying to reach him.
Using  Yoga Tree Pose and yoga Boat Pose.
My Phoenix after the Jolt , He Couldn't Fight it, and just Let go.
With Finding Never Land Tears" Streaming down His Face The entire time For His Daddy.

Mrs Pearl Sent me another Text
"I have No Idea what's Going On with him. I'm at a complete loss. I want to Cry. He was so happy when he first saw me"
Phoenix IS IN Crisis mode !!

 Minutes Later
My husband came home from work that morning,, 
With the Most Distraught, Deer In the Headlights look,
AND TOLD ME HE was just Fired From his Job.
Phoenix's Daddy had just been FIRED, after years of Dedication and Most of all PRIDE for the Corporation he worked for.

I texted back to Mrs Pearl" Disturbance in the Force I'm coming to get him Now!! Get Phoenix away from Everyone!!"

I looked at My Just Devastated Husband, a told him I have to Go!
I have to Get Our Phoenix!!!
RIGHT NOW! I just Knew!  Go GET MY BABY!

Mrs.Pearl,   STILL trying!!!!  to reach him, did a resting pose and Brought him back!!!!
Then. All Of a Sudden, Phoenix Starts Singing" Goodbye, Goodbye.."
walking around the Class ." Goodbye, Goodbye.."

I got to Phoenix has quick as I could.
I got him home, he took his shoes off.
Phoenix went Straight to His Daddy and Laid in his arms Like a Baby on the Couch for a long time.

I don't know  if I can wrap my head around what happened
 My husband  Being Fired.
But,I cried  More Tears, over what happened to My Phoenix.
Mrs Pearl and I have Both have been just Overwhelmed with what Happened to Phoenix, and Mrs Pearl Living through it with him. 

First Phoenix has Autism, and he cant really express Himself but with few words.
 But, these words are expressive

"Don't Hurt Me!"
 Phoenix was Crying Uncontrollable tears for his Daddy.
and Phoenix began Singing Good Bye Good Bye.
During this time of events. I have timed Texts From Mrs Pearl. and My Husband told me the time he was called in the Office and when he arrived home.
Phoenix went somewhere.  Phoenix was trying to Control what was happening. in his mind.
And Something Else Was In Control.

Now, if i were a normal, Autism mom, and I would just think, just another, Melt Down .
But, I'm Not a Normal Autism mom. I'm a Mother to a Crystal Child.
and Mrs. Pearl! Praise the Gods, She Helped him through. and was there trying to help Phoenix, seeing is believing!! and NEVER gave up.

What Happened to My Phoenix
 I've read and read, of Course . 
Searching about Telepathy Because its A Crystal Characteristics. looking for Answers .
I found So many websites "How to be Clairvoyant" " "Become Telepathic"
 After what Happened to my child.
 Be careful What you ask For!!
What Happened to Phoenix was Traumatic!!

But I discovered and answer.

An Empath is One who takes on Other's Emotions.
Telepathy is  transmission of thoughts or feelings mind to  mind
Clairvoyance the ability to open the third Eye, And See The Past, Present, Or Future.

Now, Thinking Like a Crystal Mother. All of the Above , happened at the same time to Phoenix.
My Sweet Phoenix Crying in Pain for His Daddy.
My Phoenix saying "Don't Hurt me" His Daddy was experiencing the Biggest Hurt of his Life.
Phoenix, who is just a  Boy, saw in his Mind Everything His Daddy was hearing, seeing, and feeling.
The worst part  Phoenix felt the Biggest Hurt of his Daddy's entire Life.

In my Search, I Found Something,
I found there is Clairvoyant-telepathy or called astral telepathy. Or Just to many *Clairs at Once!
From my reading I read when this happens, There is a Transmission of Force along the Channels of the Astral Plane.  when this happens  your astral self expands until it reaches the  astral self  of the other person.  Or Imagine your Mind expanding to reach the other mind.
When this happens you can feel and see the astral activities happening in the other person.

Realizing astral telepathy Happened to Phoenix, My human in me says oh my god.
And I laid on my Bed and Cried and Cried. Terrified for my child!
My Spiritual Self Says,
WHAT? !!!
Who in the Universe decided that was Okay ?!!!!!!
Who decided to to make MY Child Go through  that type of hurt with a god Trial at age 10?
Not only that, Mrs Pearl felt,  Lex's  deep Hurt.
Again, and a Child with Autism.
I Begged Arch Angel Metatron ,Overseer of the Indigo, Crystal Children, And Sensitive Children.
Please Protect My baby. My Crystal baby Phoenix.. What is Happening?

I don't know if this Astral Telepathy will ever happen again with Phoenix.
Those Moments in that day will Forever be with, My Husband, myself, Mrs.Pearl,
And Phoenix. 
 after a lot of thought
 Mrs Pearl said Phoenix reminded her of
Harry Potter and Dumbledore "Order of the Phoenix "
Harry's Inner Battle
I watched it and Cried..

 As an Autism Parent, I looked into Seizures.
Phoenix, was talking, and trying to get calm taking yoga breaths during this time
and trying to  get calm , working through Yoga Poses. 
at this moment , WE don't have insurance right now, My husband Lost his Job.
I have to wait until June For Insurance, and if  Phoenix does Anything like
this between now and June   he'll be getting every test possible test looking for signs of a seizure.
this happened ,
through timing from Phoenix's dad
 the time of the texting from Mrs Pearl
 Phoenix crying out for his daddy. and saying "Don't Hurt Me" and Singing Good Bye
Remember there are No Coincidences in this World.
we pray nothing happens again this Traumatic  to his daddy.
Crystal Children Have Strong Bonds with their Parents..
The Strongest.

Mrs Pearl, Thank you for your Recount of Events
Thank you for Never giving Up that Day with Phoenix.
You are the Pearl Of Our World!!!
This Post is dedicated to you,  No one on the Planet Could have helped Phoenix through that experience like you.And Who Would believe this Post without you!!


If any Crystal Parents wish to reach out to me, but, privately.
my email

Clairvoyant (clear vision)
Clairaudience (clear audio /hearing)
Clairsentience (clear sensation or feeling)
Clairscent (clear smelling)
Clairtangency (clear touching)
Clairgustance (clear tasting)
Clairempathy (clear emotion)

 great informatiom