Sunday, February 15, 2015

There's just that Something!

There's just that something about Crystal Children.  They do not mean to,  they wish to hide, but shine through brighter than typical children.  Children love to be close to Phoenix.  we can go out shopping,  dining in restaurants, picking up the groceries.  and children migrate straight to Phoenix.  most of the time Phoenix is wearing his dark sunglasses, as he has an aversion to bright lights.  I will often hear children saying" What's Up?  Phoenix will drop is glasses down from his eyes for a moment, and make brief eye contact with the child.  and he simply bows his head to them.   I've seen him engage children like this over and over.   maybe its Phoenix's deep sense of royalty,  his ancient soul ,something within him.  I know he knows he is different..  I wish for a day or two he could be typical.  and not be so over whelmed with his entire world.
I hope he understands there's a reason why he is here.  he can not disguise his autism, his crystal.  I wish he had  freedom from his Autism.  he listens so carefully to everything,  his favorite item to listen to is his mechanical watch.When he gets sensory overload  with the world,   he often puts his watch up to his ear and listens to the sound of his mechanical watch tic, tic, tic.just like a heart beat..  it calms him
there's nothing more beautiful and serene than his calm nature.
its not my job to understand Autism and crystal children,  but it is my job to make sure Phoenix is Calm and at peace.