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Characteristics of a Crystal a child, A Mom's Point of View


Thank You!! Thank for Stopping by for a Visit with Me today.
I Started this blog in 2010. But I started writing post about Phoenix in 2008 on my first blog.
writing about Phoenix, here and there, through the years
now, I have been a mom to a Crystal Child for 10 years.
I have experienced the Characteristics of a Crystal child through Phoenix.
Most Important!!
I have also experienced 10 years of Living with a Crystal Child, learning  how to adapt and grow into His Own Crystal Characteristics.
Phoenix was Born with Crystal Children Characteristics,
And then Some Of His Crystal Characteristics have emerged as he grows.
10 years ago there were books here and there about Crystal Children.
Those books gave me no Clue what kind of a Life Path I was in For as A Mother to a Crystal Child.

NO Clue!!!

 Moms, Dads and Caregivers to Crystal Crystal, I must Share this with You****
Its not easy being a Parent to a Crystal Child.
 Life with a Crystal Child does not mean  you're Living with a perfect Angelic being every single day.
 Phoenix , a Crystal Child with Autism., Raising him, has been my biggest Challenge of My Life.
There have been Moments with Phoenix, Moments with Miracles. Moments of asking Myself, "did that just really happen" Miracles.
And Then there were Moments, Moments with Phoenix,
That I thought I to myself,
 He cant be a crystal child behaving this way. and I Lost my Faith.
I Just want to Share with you, If a day happens, and your questioning if you child is a Crystal Child..  Your Child's Behavior's was the farthest thing from being that Angelic Being that particular day..   . and loose Faith . you Loose Faith in you Crystal being True..
Just Know, From , Me to you, With Love, Parent to Parent
That it is Alright!!
It Will Be OK!
They are just Children after all.
Out of NO Where! Your Crystal Child will have a Moment, and Moment with another Miracle.. and Faith will be restored in All you believed before..

All Crystal Children are different. there are no two alike. With Crystal Child being different, each crystal has their Own characteristics.
Even Though all Crystal's are Different,
I Felt I needed to Share with Parents Of Crystal Children. My Spiritual Life with Phoenix
Me and Phoenix just had to figure this Crystal Life out just the two of us. But, I felt so Alone..
I want other Crystal Children parents to know you are not Alone in this Crystal Journey.
 I've been Taught so much From Phoenix .
Please Understand, when you are reading about  Crystal Children Characteristics, and you indeed are the parent of a Crystal. Child.
Your Life is Now Your Crystal Child's learning how to live and grow with their Crystal Characteristics

Today, I want to Share with You Phoenix's Characteristics, growing Up Crystal.
Please bookmark this page for Later.
We have Been on this path a long time.  Crystal characteristics, emerge as they grow up.
So, we might have a lot to share with you on this post.

Much More than Crystal Characteristics**** Signs a Crystal is on the Way***
I read that Crystal Children choose their Parents.
I don't if that's true.
remembering back ,
right after my marriage to my husband,
I started have a recurring Dream about blond haired brown eyed little boy.
I continued to dream of this little boy for eight years.
 my recurring dreams were not night after night.
Maybe once a week
or I could a month without having the Dream.
after Dreaming of this Blond Hair Brown little boy so many times,
I loved him so much, I knew I was his mommy.
I'm not sure If the Gods were sending me a message to Get him Here With Me.
or Phoenix was letting me He wanted to be Born to me.
Either Way, I knew  I was going to have this Child.

Pregnancy With A Crystal Child.*
My Pregnancy was difficult With Phoenix.
I had two miscarriages trying to get him here on Earth.
you can Imagine I was a nervous mess during this Crystal Pregnancy.
I heard Whispers during my Pregnancy with Phoenix
Whispers from the Gods Perhaps.
The Whispers told me " He will have Autism"
I responded by "Just make him Beautiful"
I didn't even know about Autism all those years ago

A Crystal Child's Birth*

Phoenix's Birth was Difficult...
But, When he was Born...
Phoenix did not Cry, when He took his First Breath..
That's Right!!
My Crystal child did Not Cry when he entered this World!!!
Instead, He Opened His Crystal Eyes Right Away.
Giant Black Eyes!
Phoenix Could Crystal Gaze within Minutes of Birth.
Those Giant Black eyes Gazed into his Fathers eyes.

Crystal Children And Vaccines*
First, I am NOT an ANTI Vaccine Mom!!!!
and Yes Phoenix is a Crystal Child with Autism
what I do know!
when Phoenix would get his scheduled Vaccine shots he would get sick
I noticed He wasn't Doing well at the 2 month Vaccine.
He was lethargic, his skin  turned red, and he was not doing well.
It would take a week for him to feel better after a Vaccine
My Two Older boys, did not react to Vaccines Like Phoenix.
They handled their vaccines.
But, when it was Time for a Vaccine,  Phoenix would have the  Same Reaction  every time.
As Phoenix grew older, and developed Strength.  Any Vaccine  or needle coming his way,
This  Crystal Child  would fight For his Life against the Nurses and Doctors.
At Two years old, Phoenix had to endure Autism genetic Testing. Which required a needle for a blood Draw.  It took several Nurses and a Doctor, to hold him down to get the needle in him
Me and his Dad couldn't believe what we were seeing. Phoenix felt like he was fighting for his life again. This Child was strong, and still is.  As the years went by I learned this Strength came from and Ability to Tap into his Adrenalin at any moment.
Phoenix has all his vaccines. And even his yearly Flu shot.
Without the yearly Flu shot, if he catches a virus, he's much sicker.
Crystal Children to don't react well at all to foreign substances in their Body.

Autism, Speech Delay, and a Crystal Child's Telepathy***
Phoenix, when he was a Baby made little noise.
He barely Cried, and wasn't Cooing like Babies at six months old.
This was a Sign or Symptom of Autism as we Know.
Phoenix was Diagnosed with Autism at two years old.
Somehow, I knew everything he wanted or needed though.
Telepathy is not always what you think it might be.
Telepathy can come through to the Crystal Parent as an emotion from the Crystal child, especially as Crystal Babies.
Or Just,  how you would imagine, Phoenix as he grew older could get in my Mind, and Tell me exactly what he was thinking. and Phoenix could get in my Mind, to know What I was thinking.
Phoenix may try to Use telepathy on other People.
But, Only Chosen Loved Ones Can actually hear him or feel his emotions.

Phoenix would also some how, SING when he was a baby.
His singing sounded like an Orca Whale.. I didn't understand what I was hearing, but, his singing was beautiful.
I prayed and Prayed, I wanted to hear his Voice with my ears.   finally,  I did when he was 18 months old. He said De De, and finally Da Da..
Phoenix to this Day would rather not Talk. through out his 10 year life, I have constantly reminded him "To Use his Words"..  He would rather not...

Crystal Children will Let Their Parents Know their a Crystal****
A Blog Post from September  2008
Tthen we were doing alright, Phoenix and me were on the Floor playing tickle.
sometimes messages have a funny way of getting to you, for i doubted Phoenix to be Crystal.
i placed my face on the bottom of Phoenix's feet, tickle, tickle, but a tickle of his feet wasn't what he wanted. i felt him lock into my eyes, as i then played pick a boo with his feet, then i felt the crystalline energy of my son embrace me, Phoenix told me to send energy to him, and if you are familiar with REiki, i was sending reiki energy to him. and every time i would send a wave of energy to him, he would start giggling, we did this over and over radiating through each other, with him giggling louder and louder every time i sent him energy. then i heard The Blue Lady say to me, you have your Crystal Confirmation...........................................
after wards
i felt like i had been touched by the Gods, i have experienced many forms of enlightenment in my lifetime, by evoking the goddess herself, this experience with my Crystal Phoenix,, so far was the most spiritual, and divine of my entire life, i felt my spirit shimmering .

Crystal Children, Autism, Sensory, Extremely Sensitive***
 Phoenix has a Tactile Sensory. Touch
Phoenix is Very Sensitive to florescent lights. and Bright Lights.
He wears sunglasses to Protect His Crystal Eyes.
Phoenix is sensitive to Certain Energies, It could be People, Places, or things.
He Sensitive to  Other People's emotions.
He senses everything Positive or Negative.
Phoenix can not have food Dyes. If he eats  candy with These Dyes,  he goes crazy.
Phoenix's skin is sensitive to detergents.

Crystal Child are vegetarians.***
Phoenix has always Loved his Vegetables.
and He really has never like meat.  I keep placing meat on his plate, until I got the point! he was throwing it in the trash every time I tried..
He will eat the occasional chicken nugget covered in ketchup. GROSS

Crystal Children, Separation Anxiety from Parents, and a Chosen loved One*****
My gosh, Phoenix has in his life, just his mommy and daddy.
Phoenix has lived with his Daddy working for the railroad all his life.  Railroad life is not easy for Phoenix. When he was a baby,  just Brand New, he would see his Daddy one day, and then his Daddy could be gone for a couple days. As Phoenix grew older , his Daddy could be playing with him, an emergency railroad call would come in. Phoenix's daddy would have to go to work. Phoenix would cry for hours and hours. Genuine, my heart is broken tears.
Phoenix's daddy is still with the Railroad. And those Calls still come in. After 10 years , sometimes he's OK,with his Daddy leaving us to go to work.
And other day's  his heart still breaks. And Cries heartbroken tears. Phoenix last severe separation anxiety heartbreak was Thanksgiving. Phoenix's brother was with us for the holiday. Phoenix was a happy boy with his family all together.
And then that call came. His daddy had an emergency at work.
Phoenix  cried on the couch  for two hours for his Daddy.
Tears, so many heartbroken tears..
Phoenix wouldn't even eat his Thanksgiving dinner.

Crystal Children Eyes, The Most famous Characteristic*
I'm sure you know by now , Crystal Children are known for their beautiful Crystal Eyes. Crystal children eyes are well known for Crystal Gazing , making eye contact and touching your soul ,
it is common for Crystal Children Eyes to be a magnificent Blue color.
Phoenix, however, His eyes are Brown.
Growing up, Phoenix used his Crystal Eyes for more than Crystal Gazing. There was more to those Crystal Eyes.
As I wrote in earlier post,
At a young age Phoenix was wearing sunglasses. He needed his  Crystal Eyes covered.
He learn ed to communicate with his Crystal eyes, by lowering
His sunglasses. Making eye contact when he choose to.
Phoenix can Use His Crystal Eyes as Weapons
Phoenix' Crystal Eyes can pierce your eyes with light and
Dark arrows.
You don't understand what you're feeling but it's sharp and those eyes hurt your soul.
And then you can feel the greatest love through those Crystal Eyes.
Through some miracle pictures of Phoenix's Crystal Eyes.
Remember   His eyes are Brown.
I felt I needed to take a closer look. His eyes appeared to have a strange sheen to them. I decided to enlarge his eye. And simply adjust the color bar , light bar.
I discovered in his Iris of his Crystal Eyes,  Contained his Crystal Aura .
All of Phoenix's aura colors, in his Iris.
Crystal Children Eyes are actually Genuine Crystal Eyes.
When Crystal Children make eye Contact with some one and Crystal Gaze ,
That's why you feel your soul has been seen.
That Crystal Aura was reaching you through Those Crystals eyes.

Crystal Child Love the Earth! *****
Animals, Soil, Seeds, Plants, Rocks,CRYSTALS,
My Crystal Child with Autism is Obsessed with Animals.
All Animals, he spends his time writing animal names.  and When He is on his Ipad, he is searching for Images of any animal you he can Imagine.
Since Phoenix Could walk, he loved to be outside, enjoying what the Earth has to offer.
My  crystal loves to plant flower seeds..   and water the seeds, and to watch the seeds grow into flowers.  its his most favorite thing to do...
 I cant tell you how many times, Ive found different Rocks In Phoenix's pants pockets.
If I miss the Rocks in his Pants, I can hear My washing machine swishing rocks around.
Since, Phoenix was a tiny thing, he would just walk around and look at his Flowers he grew. and it is a common occurrence for him to put his ear against the flower and Listen.
Listening to his Flowers.
Phoenix is a real tree hugger. He'll find a tree he loves and give it a hug.
Some days, he just wants to be in his bare feet, feeling the Grass between his toes.
He loves to dig in the Dirt and feel the soil between his Fingers.
CRYSTALS!!  I have so many Crystals I have collected, years before Phoenix was born.
Phoenix loves them.  He even has Chosen his own Crystal.
Phoenix had a Special Crystal Choose Day.
And Of Course, My Atlantean Record Keeper Choose Him.

Crystal Children have a Connection to Higher Realms. Angels, Ghosts, Fairies, Multidimensional cosmic beings*****
I have always been able see, Ghost, energy, fairies, anything In the Higher Realms, since I was a Child. I have My own  Life experiences  with the Higher Realms, It can be so scary, exciting, and Mostly I was Taught,
There is more to This World than what it appears.
Phoenix though,  at a young age. I often caught him staring into Space at nothing, and just smiling and laughing. and then I would see a bright orb of light move quickly through the room.
One experience to Share with Phoenix's Spiritual Connection
 Phoenix was three years old, I was ready for bed and i had laid down for my nights rest. i looked down my hall.
and i saw something unbelievable. i saw energy outlines of different colors, Ghosts
 one after the other, The Ghosts were moving in waves down my hall.
Toward Phoenix's bedroom room!!
I thought to myself.. "dear God?!"
I shut my eyes and i opened my eyes again and there they were again, Ghost one after the other, in a line moving forward, Going to Visit a sleeping Crystal Child
To give you, the reader.. an idea of what this looked like, think back to the 1982 movie Poltergeist. in this movie there is a scene in the film that shows the ghosts coming down the stair case. think of seeing that image but without the skeletons and faces, just the actual ghost energy.
It felt like I saw at least a hundred of these beings, paying a visit to my Crystal.

Crystal Children Need Yoga****
It may be difficult but find your Crystal Child with Autism a Yoga group.
A yoga for special needs Children
Kids inclusive Yoga
Yoga is exceptional in calming and Soothing children Crystal Children.
With yoga,
 Phoenix was able  feel good in his own skin, for the first time.
When Autistic Crystal Children feel good in their own skin,
Miracles Happen.
Phoenix was able to be Comfortable in that Vibration of his.
His body and Vibration feel like they can finally co habitat together.
Yoga can help with a Crystals constant Sensory overload,balancing their Chakras.
Yoga is teaching to Phoenix, To Breath,to Find the Light, and to be Calm.
Yoga  Taught Phoenix Ground Himself with that Powerful Vibration of his.
With Wonderful Healing Yoga Poses.
Not, Only that, Yoga has helped Phoenix feel more Comfortable with Using His Words.
Yoga is a Powerful Medicine to Help your Crystal Child Grow and Learn.

Crystal Children Love.Rainbows and Rainbow Colors**
Phoenix is in all is his Glory when he sees a Rainbow after a Rain shower.
He looks out our giant picture window.  after it rains looking for a rainbow.
He Often Gets Blessed, and sees One.
Phoenix get so Over the Moon Happy, when he sees a Rainbow Looking out the window.
"Rainbow Mommy"
And sure enough there's the Rainbow he was waiting for.
 Phoenix loves Rainbows with intensity.
He was taught In School about
An acronym for the colors of the visible light spectrum:
Phoenix has Drawn Hundreds Of Rainbows . and On Every Drawing
He writes
 He has every Color In Place
Phoenix loves Rainbow colored Clothes..
The Rainbow Clothing has to mixed for some reason.
Their is a Rainbow scarf he is wearing in the Top Picture.
Phoenix found that Rainbow scarf at the Local Good Will Store.
It was love at first Site, Phoenix and  that Rainbow Scarf.
He snatched The Rainbow Scarf right off the Hanger with Great Joy..
Phoenix made sure I knew HE wasn't Leaving the store without it.
Phoenix fell in Love with a Tie dye Rainbow Colored Shirt in different store the same Way.
That Shirt is his Most Favorite Shirt In the World.
Phoenix one day, starting talking about a Rainbow Monster.
Out of Now Where..  Rainbow Monster...
I didn't know what in the World, a Rainbow Monster??
 For Phoenix's Birthday, we visited  a mall with an Aquarium in it.  Phoenix and His love for Animals.
We are at a Mall!
Phoenix loves stuffed animals!
Its His Birthday!!
Build a Bear, Here we Come!!
As Soon as we walk in the Build A Bear ..
Phoenix finds a Rainbow Monster to Love...

Crystal Children are Sensitive to Crowds,****especially when toddlers
When Phoenix was a Toddler, I decided to run to Walmart..  on a Busy Saturday afternoon to pick up who knows what.. people were everywhere..
Pushing our cart through the isles , of People have a Family reunion in Walmart.
Phoenix began to covered his ears.
I thought to myself, "ok"
And keep Pushing the Cart..
Then it happened, His Sensory, Overloaded
Phoenix had an Atomic Melt Down.
In the Middle Of a Crowded Walmart.
It felt to me ,He was screaming in Pain. I just couldn't comprehend that then.
I tried to Get out of the store As Fast as I could.
and Then He tapped into his Adrenaline, and Began Screaming even louder.
The Crowd In walmart  Just Stopped! and Stared. and I knew what they were hearing.
a Phoenix Meltdown.. 
after all,  you rarely feel your eardrums vibrate your ear like that and from a  small child.
I know, When Phoenix Vibrates your eardrums, It is an incredible feeling But Painful.
Phoenix is a Siren. He can Still Vibrate Your ears

Crystal Children Love with Most Genuine Love!!
Phoenix only loves a few Chosen people on this Earth.
When he loves you with his Genuine Crystal love,
Looking in His Crystal eyes, or if you're enjoying a hug.
You can feel his Genuine Love, radiating through your soul.
His Genuine Love can make you Feel like everything is alright in the World.
When your Day feels  impossible to get through,
Just One Hug , Can Fill you Up with Love, to get through the Day.
Phoenix has a Genuine Love for Mrs. Pearl.
And She loves him.
Mrs Pearl has her Impossible Days to,
Then She Can Look At Phoenix, And Phoenix Senses Mrs Pearl's emotions.
Phoenix will Try to sit in her lap,Give her a Crystal Gaze, and just hug her with His genuine Crystal Love, and give her a Giggle.
and her Day turns from Impossible day , To a Day recharged with Courage and Sunshine.
That Genuine Love Phoenix has for Mrs. Pearl, help connect them.  And some Telepathy has occurred between the two of them.

Some Crystal Crystal Children are Beacons*****
As Crystal Children Grow, Their Characteristics grow with them.
This is a recent Crystal Child Characteristics that just emerged.
Phoenix is in a Special Needs class.
With a good chance  for more Crystal Children to  be close by.
Crystal Children all carry their own vibration. Some Crystals vibrate lower, and some higher.
But, Crystal Children as they grow up will be drawn to each other.
Crystal Children as they grow, Love being with other Crystal Children
and Need to be with Other Crystal Children. In Groups.
They Love being In Groups!!
A Crystal Child with a high vibration can become a Beacon and  invite the lower vibration Crystal out of hiding.
Phoenix  has found a couple of Crystal Friends this way..
 And they All adore Phoenix with Great Care and Love.
As A Mom, to a Crystal Child of Autism,
I was Over Joyed, Phoenix has Friends!!!!
One Crystal Child,  A Classmate Of Phoenix's. And a Yoga Friend.
 I discovered long after meeting her She was Crystal.
A Crystal Girl Child.
She is a Crystal Brown, A Crystal with Brown Eyes.
She is the Most Beautiful girl.
One Day Mrs Pearl Told me  early in the School Year, This Little Girl had a massive Crush On Phoenix.  I was again, Blown Away.
Phoenix Has Friends and a Girl has a Crush On Him!!1

A little Girl had a Crush On my Phoenix.
Phoenix cant talk that Well. And He has Autism, How is it Possible For this little Girl to have a Crush on my boy?
I just didn't understand it.
Then I went to visit Phoenix's Class at Horse Therapy.
 Beautiful with Long Brown Hair, and Giant Black Eyes!
 She was Sitting on a Bench as Close to Phoenix as she could.
Mrs Pearl and the teacher assistants reminded me,
 This is the little Girl that has a huge Crush on Phoenix.
She heard the teachers, and turned around and Blushed.
Again, This Crystal Girl Child was displaying zero Crystal characteristics.
And I could not Detect her Crystal Vibration.
Phoenix's Birthday came around later in the year and we Had a Birthday Party at School For Him.
This Crystal Girl gathered Gifts from her House to bring to Phoenix for his Birthday.
She was the Sweetest Child who adored my Son.
In all my Years of Being a Mom to a Crystal Child, I didn't realize How Strong and Powerful Phoenix's Crystal Vibration truly is.
Phoenix's Vibration,  when being around Low Vibration carrying Crystal children,
Can Amplify another Crystal Child's Vibration. With His Own Vibration.
BY Lifting Their Own Vibration out of hiding, and you can detect them.
Phoenix has spent the school year with her, and it has taken some time and some group Crystal Yoga.
But She Is So Crystal Now!!
Recently, It was Special Olympics Time.
Phoenix was participating in The Special Olympic Events, and This Sweet Crystal Girl,
Followed him to every event he was in. She Sat Beside him on every bench. When Phoenix would get off the Bench she would immediately follow him, just to be near him.
I could Feel, She is So TRUE to Phoenix.
Then, It dawned on Me, I needed to take a closer look at this Girls' eyes.
And There She Was.
That Crystal Being, Shining Right in her eyes. Genuine Honest Crystal Love.
That Moment looking Into Her Eyes Explained everything.
She was drawn to The Familiar Crystal Vibration Of Phoenix.

A Crystal Connection.

Crystal Children Healers**
I've read many Times about Crystal Children Healing, Different Ailments of People.
I think that is Incredible.
Crystal Children help each other Heal.***
My Experience With Phoenix tells me there is Much More to it than This Laying of the Hands
 Type of Healing.
Remember Crystals Love to be In Groups
Most Of these Children Find Each Other Through the Power Of Yoga.
A yoga Class for special needs Children
Kids inclusive Yoga
Crystal Children In a Group Doing Yoga.
Yoga Pose after Yoga Pose.
Yoga Balancing Their Vibration..
Each Crystal carry their own vibration, their own energy.
With Yoga, Each Crystal Child's vibration energy is lifted, and And Each individual  Vibration Becomes One Magnificent Vibration. With All Their Beautiful Crystal Auras perfectly layered..
That Magnificent Vibration Contains a  healing energy ,
One Crystal to another Crystal.
One Vibration
 Feeling something Wonderfully familiar.
Making them Feel Good to be in their On Skin..
Calming their Sensory needs.
Soothing their Vibration.

Maybe, Crystals are here to heal the sick.
But, in thinking in a Brand New way.
The Crystal Children  can heal each other through, yoga. Yoga Reaching deep in the soul with beautiful healing love.
 the Crystal Children ,Together,  slowly, slowly,slowly heal their needs. Whatever their needs are.
Together The Crystal Children are Healers.

Crystal Children. Growing Brighter**
Phoenix since he was a Little thing, as had this essence about him.
He has always had this understanding about himself.
Even with the Autism.
Phoenix has always Known He is Much More Than his Autism.
As Phoenix grew Older, School Years
 he Embraced that Essence ,
That essence of his was his Aura Vibration Growing Brighter.
 Out  No Where He Just Got this Style  about him.
He Dresses, How he wants.
He Loves to Wear Scarfs in the Winter.
With A Fluffy Toboggan .
And Of Course a Pair of Sunglasses.
And If he Can Find a Necklace
or a watch...
That's Phoenix Off to School.
Before I knew it.
All the School Children in the School Knew Phoenix.
"What's Up Phoenix?"
"What's Up Phoenix?"
Phoenix would Nod, Or Pull Down His Sunglasses enough to make brief EYE contact.
 Phoenix Growing Brighter to his Peers...

I think I may Stop my Post today.
Thank you For Spending some time with me today.

Love And Light...

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