Friday, April 29, 2011

Say No to Chocolate Candy

the Easter bunny payed a visit to Phoenix on Sunday. Now, every child needs a Chocolate Bunny on Easter. its the American Way. SO I THOUGHT! Phoenix totally LEFT the building. For days after he ate his Chocolate bunny he was a totally different child. He cried and pouted for every moment of the day unless he was sleeping or taking a drink from his cup.
me and his dad could not figure out what was wrong with Phoenix. He couldnt even use his words...
Finally on Wednesday Phoenix returned Home. It was amazing watching him come to me. His WORDS were flowing again and then it dawned on me. That damn Easter Candy. His basket only contained one small pack of skittles, 1 chocolate bunny, and some kool aid looking powder with a stick. And that's what caused it...... Phoenix's skin rash even returned... it was a messy couple of days. but, WE made it and learned a valuable lesson about chocolate and candy. SAY NO!
For all the Autistic crystal Mothers and Fathers, I wonder if you have ever experienced anything like what we experience with Candy. from Now on Phoenix will be receiving boxes of raisins in his Easter basket.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hair cut

It was time for Phoenix's hair to be cut. Phoenix's hair when long is straight and thin. and his hair get tangles so easy. the only solution for his hair was a Hair cut. Now, taking Phoenix to a salon or barber shop for his hair cut is out of the question. His autism would show big time, and i could not risk someone poking my son in the eyes with scissors. I could not imagine the immense melt down that would happen. Which autistic children are known for...
well, whats a mom to do. Cut his hair myself. i couldnt stand looking at that rats nest anymore
One evening last week after his shower, i tried to cut it. snip, scream,snip scream, you would have thought i was stabbing him with the scissors. I managed to cut some of his hair but noway near a decent looking hair cut. so, the next evening at after his shower, i cut a little more, still the same, snip, scream, snip scream. thank goodness this haircut happened during his Easter break from school. geez. i believe it took around four days to get his hair cut right... well, at least that's done. but with his temper fits i was so worried about the scissors, but we both made it through the hair cut and tomorrow when Phoenix goes back to school, he will look like the rest of the children.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Passover Begins Again.......... Our Autistic sons

Passover begins today. I think back to Ancient times when the Israelites Painted their Doors to protect their first born sons. and then i think of Autism.
Autism affects 1-70 boys. Is Autism a great curse from long ago? Autism is taking revenge against our sons. Could Autism be the biggest Plague of all time? We dont understand why autism strikes One Son and Not another Son. What in the Hell is happening here?
Imagine What happens to a Mother and Father. their toddler son is talking, potty trained, and making plenty of Eye Contact. And Over Night their SON looses the ability to talk, cant use the bathroom, and can not look them in the EYE. Something swooped over the Son and took him away.
this Alone will make you want to Paint your Doorpost During Passover..........
I wonder if God hears Our Cries.
Maybe I should just go paint a giant "A" on my door during Passover

Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby Jesus is Everywhere.. the second coming is now.

good day good evening readers.
I am going to warn you, please read All of my ideas with an Open Mind and Open Heart.
this Idea could come with negative views as Many but Not all Christians are Deep In Religion and not the Spirit.
One day Last week I was Helping Phoenix with hanging up his coat in his Early Childhood Class. and then i happened to look around and their was this little boy with an Autism bracelet headed straight for me. i was bent down helping with Phoenix so I was eye level with this little boy. When this little boy made eye contact with me he ran to me with Open Arms, like he hasnt seen me in years. It was an incredible moment for me. When the little boy hugged me our heart chakras opened together and that's when i felt that familiar energy. that christ energy i had experienced for myself years ago. please read the post below to find out more about my relationship with Jesus and the Christ energy....
with the first eye contact with this little boy, i seem somewhat connected to him. if you have ever been saved by the Christ energy, its very emotional and brings tears to most. and that's what i had felt like. I had been hugged by Christ himself. With Phoenix he holds the Christ Energy , but he is my own Son, and my Love for him overwhelms that energy, and most often Phoenix keeps that Energy of his on LOCK. which is great for All he comes in contact with. he is very particular with who he shares his energy with..Phoenix is a Padawan right now.
what we need to address here is that Christ Energy. Now, Jesus the Man, held the Christ energy. But, Jesus was just a man, plain and simple. can you imagine the pressure Jesus must have felt? holding the Christ energy.
i am beginning to evolve a theory.
in the bible it is says:
The coming of Christ will be instantaneous and worldwide. "For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be." —Matthew 24:27
AUTISM has Arrived in Full force here. is it a coincidence that Autism effects more sons than daughters. i dont know..
Autism is Around the World. and many Autistics are Crystals. these Crystals hold the Christ Energy. I know, from my encounter with Phoenix's classmate. This little boy has hugged me now every time he sees me. Today though.. i was late with Phoenix to school. and the children were at their tables eating .. and The little boy just looked me in the eyes, i winked,, and i thought to him "i love you" then i saw a twinkle in his eyes. his Eyes are a very light Blue.. I felt like he heard me.. telepathic maybe
i wonder? are these autistic crystal children the second coming? They Hold the Christ Energy.
OUR world is in CHAOS... and these crystal Star Children are all over the world. NOW!

Now, Lets review the Seven rays.

The seven rays come out of the white light of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is like a full complement of all of the rays of the Christ consciousness. These rays are noted by the spectrum of colors that we see in the rainbow. you can read more about this in a previous post.

If you are blessed to receive a Hug from an Autistic take it. its like receiving a blessing.

you can read more about the Seven Rays in a previous post.

Friday, April 1, 2011

why the mess?

I dont know if any other parents of autistic children go through this...but my Phoenix loves to dump all of his toys out. All of them. I get so tired of picking up those toys. One by One i would get rid of his wooden blocks. i just could not take picking them up anymore. Phoenix often helps picking up his mess, but still, why does he need to drag out every single toy.
I have learned to get him isolated to One room in the house, so the rest of the house stays Nice and Neat. But, sometimes my husband lets Phoenix down stairs to play.. oh, do i get ill real fast. i dont mean to get that way about it, but Why does Phoenix have to make such a mess. i often refer Phoenix to an f-5 tornado on my facebook status.
gosh, its already April and the first day of Autism awareness month. we have alot to be greatful for. Phoenix the crystal baby..