Friday, September 4, 2015

Innocence is Bliss

NO one can take his innocence away,  from the heart and soul of my crystal child.
I have a Great Aunt, that prays everyday that typical children will not hurt or make fun of Phoenix.  She always says that children can be mean and cruel to someone who isn't like they are.  and she is correct..
But, Phoenix has no idea if a child is making fun of him, or if they want to play with him.
He is so pure and innocent.  He doesn't have a mean bone in his body.
everyone who comes in contact with Phoenix, just receives the most kind and honest energy.
No one, No child can take his innocence away with their cruel words..  
Typical children can be monsters to different children, especially special children.
Why does God allow these devilish actions?
Autistic children are angels brought down from heaven, maybe that's why they are faced with devils.
When an Autistic child speaks, listen..  Life can be so hard, so difficult  for them.  When they choose to speak,  listen to the pure innocence.
In a world of Autism,  In a world of Heaven,  in their world of Hell..  Life with Autism is hard..  
A typical child with their cruel words can never take the Innocence of a crystal child.
There is no need to shelter your crystal child.
No one can take their innocence.