Saturday, July 25, 2015

soil, seeds, water,sun, and time

My little crystal loves to plant flower seeds..   and water the seeds, and to watch the seeds grow into flowers.  its his most favorite thing to do...   I know that every seed he plants,  he loves to feel the soil between his fingers.  he knows it takes time for the seed to sprout..     we go outside twice a day to check on his flowers.     I can see the joy in his eyes,  with every seed, all the soil,   his watering can...   and then there is time..  time to watch the seeds grow.. 
 If I had an acre of land,  he would have a flower in every corner,  every space..
the sun has been on our side,  as he doesn't exactly know what the suns purpose is..
I love everyday with him outside.
If I could make the summer last forever I would.  I save every memory every moment  of every warm day with my crystal..  someday, when we are lucky we have a rain shower.  and Phoenix is guaranteed to find the rainbow in all things...   Most of the time looking out our giant picture window.  he sits on top of the couch looking for a rainbow,,,,,,
for every seed he watches,  every seed that grows into a flower, becomes a Treasure to him.