Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sensory,Fluffy and a Crystal

When Phoenix was a mere nine months old when he started tearing up my Couch. Phoenix would tug and pull at the couch until he had a hole to pull the stuffing out of it. Which we now call Fluffy. Phoenix loves to roll his fluffy between his fingers. The first time i knew he had sensory issues was when his play therapist noticed him pulling the Fluffy out of the couch. She just said, Oh, he has sensory issues. Really? I never knew, but Fluffy relaxes him in such a positive way. Even when a trip to Walmart doesnt go well, I can get him some Fluffy and he giggles and just starts rolling the Fluffy between his fingers. Phoenix has other sensory issues, after three years, I can finally vacuum without him screaming in fear. Taking him out to Malls is really tough on him. I guess he picks up on all the different energies and he really doesnt understand how to process it.
Is it the Autism that causes this sensory? Or is this Crystal just super sensitive to energy?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Crystal Mirror Gazing

The sun is shining brightly through the windows. Phoenix runs to the bathroom, jumps on his stool and starts to gaze intently into his own eyes. I could feel myself being pulled into the mirror with him. It seemed as if a portal had opened in those deep dark brown eyes of his. I felt my spiritual self being pulled in along with Phoenix. I had seen that face of his before. oh boy.
I would love for all Crystal Mothers to feel this peace of Knowing. Knowing is so critical of Crystal Mothers. and Phoenix just told me all about it, by simply gazing in the mirror with him.

Its in a dream. All the Crystal children, where do they come from? Where do they all belong.
Where are all the Crystal Mothers? Many mothers are keeping silent, for good reason. But, these Crystal are gifts.

Phoenix is of the stars. As the Sun has a Place in sky.

I know I have read that Crystal Children are born To Indigo Adults. I dont know If I am an Indigo Adult? Plain and simple. But I do Know that I have been blessed with a Crystaline Child.
It is the Blessing of Crystal and the Curse of Autism. Crystals diagnosed with Autism is hard mentally and spiritually. I have no problem communicating with Phoenix. And most outtings to Walmart end with Phoenix screaming has he leaves the store. Maybe its sensory overload for him. Fluffy seems to help. Fluffy you ask? well, we will talk about Phoenix's sensory issues on another post.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Phoenix and I had a meeting with the school today. it went really good. Phoenix ran around the classroom trying to pull down books and drag down the games. I think he will adjust to going to school nicely. Ya know in order for the school system to consider Phoenix having Autism Spectrum Disorder, he has to go through more test just for the school to say he has Autism. I guess his Doctor's report isnt good enough. Phoenix still qualifies for Special education because of his speech delay. But still, more tests? maybe not. I still think Phoenix is a part of the crystal children awareness. Phoenix is so aware of everything. He is an incredible child, with incredible potential. I often wonder when he is playing and giggling, who in the world he is playing with?? maybe his spirit guide, only he knows.

Monday, February 22, 2010

catching up

me and the little Phoenix have been terribly sick. i have been sick for nearly two weeks. and Phoenix caught it and the cold went to his ears causing a double ear infection. when Phoenix gets sick its really a rough time. he refused to take his antibiotics and spit the medicine everywhere. now i have pink spots on my carpet.
Phoenix missed last week's speech and play therapy. today's speech didnt go so well. he barely wanted to play and screamed alot. Tomorrow we are going to school to have a meeting. With Phoenix's autism they will discuss an action plan. including more speech and play therapy.
goodness i am glad we are getting over this sickness... wowza

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Use your Words

Phoenix is moving on very nicely. His Play and Speech therapy have been a God Send, and has helped his Autism. What is being taught during his Play and Speech therapy? It is hard to imagine if you have never seen a child that did not know how to play. right? My Phoenix is being taught how to Play correctly. It is all about taking turns. When people communicate , its all about taking turns. sharing.
Phoenix's vocabulary has grown since he began this type of therapy. I am keeping track and so far he has about 12 words he uses everyday. I have to constantly remind him to use his words. "use your words" I think he forgets sometimes, he has to talk. Instead, he will grab my hand and lead me to what he wants. that is a form of communication. but i need to hear his voice, its a beautiful thing