Monday, June 5, 2017

We are, Who, WE Are. Light

Dedicated to First Born

What a Life I have.  One day I am Here, and then the Next day I am gone. We move somewhere else.  It can be a Lonely World..  I feel Like I have been on my Path of Enlightenment for to to long this Lifetime.  I just want to Find a Forever Home.  Feel the Still,  the Still in the World..  The Still of  the Universe.   I am not fearful of much,,  except, pulling up the Still I created in the Place I am at that moment.. Moving, where ever the Gods Take Us, with Husbands job. WE just Go where the Job is.. 
everywhere I have a been..  I have brought the Light. I have brought the Dark. and the Many Wonders Of Enlightenment to many People who crossed my path.  Why my Path has to be at a certain Place, For a Certain amount time.  and then during my time..  Anyone drawn to the  Light  will be shown  Enlightenment. a whole new World, a New Reality within your own World..  And then  I am JUST GONE..  Only a few of the People that crossed my Path over My Life are still in my Life.  And That is just me.  I just want to leave a Part of my Light with you, Enlightenment.  Enlightenment is the best I Could leave you with..  the memory of me can not compare to that.

This last Stop on My Path, has Brought Enlightenment and Awareness to Many.

Phoenix has joined me on his Path Of Enlightenment.  and Phoenix did not have to say a Word.  Phoenix Is a Crystal Child with Autism. Phoenix certainly did not choose his Path.  But,with Few words, his Crystal Aura Vibration spoke for him.   He created a whole New World of Wonderment. and those WHO sensed that Light of a  New World joined Phoenix.  like a family..  I also watched Phoenix teach Enlightenment of a Higher Form..  Again, without words. HE taught, a Light Worker, the ability to sense and Feel   Energy. 
 On my Path, My Enlightenment grows, and I never  ask for it. Enlightment just happens.  Watching My child without words Teach a Teacher, expanded my Universe.  The Spiritual Person I was at the Beginning of my Time here, Is not the  Spiritual Person I am Now.  I have experienced so many spiritual teachings in my Lifetime .  From Jesus Christ, From the the Love Of My Mother From the Heavens, Old Gods, ghosts, healing.. . My Path began at age 5, When sitting on my bed,  I looked around at my room.  and I thought to myself " I cant Believe I am Here!"         Along Comes Phoenix!
This with Phoenix , expanded everything in me..  Everything!..  It made me Darker,  and With The Brightest of all Light. I was made to take a Deeper, Darker Journey into My Universe.  I can not ever Rid myself of the Darkness within me.
The Darkness, its just apart of Us.  My Beloved First Born told me. "We are, Who, WE Are. "  But, For All this Darkness,  The Light was just as intense as the Dark. Learning to live in the Balance Of The Universe. We can not change the WE .  And the WE makes The Universe, not so lonely anymore..

 I Know my time is closing at this current Place, and this Current time.  The Still I created will be gone.  WE have fulfilled a Trial of Trials..   We have all Grown so Much,  Myself, My Children, and Mrs Pearl.  We were Taught as much as we Taught each other , All together experiencing, How the Light Works. ..   It is just a matter of Time, before our time here is completed.  We will move to a new Place.  WE will just share Our Light to a new Place at  another time on our Path.  Phoenix the Beacon..  without a word...
Traveling On this Path, it  Is Moving at a Faster Speed.. Live Life in the Light..  Encourage the Light.  the World Needs Our Light.  And we Move and We Move Again. 
Myself, and NOW together with Phoenix we leave a piece of our Light  with you when we crossed Paths.. a day, a year, or years Later..  Something will trigger  .. that un explainable , Light Orb, or a  Bright, string of Light Zoom by you,, that caught your eye in your Peripheral vision ,  that un explainable whisper you hear.  That will be a reminder , for a moment, you will  remember your Enlightened Reality Of  LIGHT. ,  maybe you forgot about the Light, or  maybe We are on our own Paths together.  Reach for that Light....
It Just Takes One Person to cross Your Path . Share your Light.When the Light you have is Genuine, you don't need to say a  word ..   your Light Will Make Our World A Brighter Place..

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