Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sensory,Fluffy and a Crystal

When Phoenix was a mere nine months old when he started tearing up my Couch. Phoenix would tug and pull at the couch until he had a hole to pull the stuffing out of it. Which we now call Fluffy. Phoenix loves to roll his fluffy between his fingers. The first time i knew he had sensory issues was when his play therapist noticed him pulling the Fluffy out of the couch. She just said, Oh, he has sensory issues. Really? I never knew, but Fluffy relaxes him in such a positive way. Even when a trip to Walmart doesnt go well, I can get him some Fluffy and he giggles and just starts rolling the Fluffy between his fingers. Phoenix has other sensory issues, after three years, I can finally vacuum without him screaming in fear. Taking him out to Malls is really tough on him. I guess he picks up on all the different energies and he really doesnt understand how to process it.
Is it the Autism that causes this sensory? Or is this Crystal just super sensitive to energy?

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