Monday, June 14, 2010

Locked in

i am just kinda of sitting around today and these waves of rainbow energy keep penatrating my spirit today. Spending the day today with Phoenix. he is napping at the moment.
I wonder today??
I wonder if a demon has stolen his speech. or maybe an evil witch from the past placed this hex spell on him. or, Autism stole his words.

Phoenix hears everything, but still has trouble saying his words.
Phoenix tries so hard to talk to me. He will babble made up words that sound like jibberish to me. his voice is in there, i know it, it just seems like he is Locked in.

I have been giving Phoenix fish oil omega 3. One capsule a day for maybe three weeks now. I have noticed that
His words are growing more and more. He is finally beginning to say three words phrases. We are still working on the potty training. It is hard to potty train when he cant tell me when he has to go. He is getting it though.. believe it or not. we are half way there.

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