Thursday, January 6, 2011

Escape From Phoenix

well, if you have stopped by today, you will see that i have Not written in a while. I have suffered great writers Block.
it all started with a visit to my mother's with Phoenix . my mother is highly spiritual. But her spiritual path is different than mine.
From the Moment of Our Arrival, Phoenix was Wired into the Univerese. And at my Mother's it is Full Of Spiritual Energy. I believe their is even a Sweat lodge held on the property at least once a month.
Phoenix went into overLoad. and his behavoir was awful. When he walked into the House he was into everything. In my mother's house, there's crystals, Indian Drums, just all kinds of things.
well, my mother's boyfriend of 20 years doesnt like Children to begin with. And Phoenix unnerved him intensely. So, much so HE had to Go to His Room to get Away from My Son, Phoenix.
i understand that Phoenix's Autism is Really Hard to Comprehend. Hell, somedays I dont get it..
I stood confused.
this is not the first time this has happened to me.
My sister and her boyfriend felt the Same way about Phoenix on a visit . They too wanted to escape my Phoenix.
so, this happened to me Twice, with my Own Family. this Lead me to think and think about Phoenix as a crystal Child.
again we read that Crystal children Are loving in Nature, and people swoon over them in their presence.
when your Own family wants to retreat Away from Him.
this could cause reasonable Doubt.
but, fear Not. the Little Phoenix kept reaching for same book in my library, Over and Over again and pretending to look through the Pages. He lead me to the Lost Books of the Bible. The book of thomas. Reading about Jesus as a child has given me Great Comfort. and Jesus was not a very nice child while growing to be the Messiah.
in other News! Phoenix made the Local Paper! He was in the very center of the picture. it was of him making a gingerbread house with the Other early childhood class.
I wonder what drew the Photographer to Center Phoenix in the Picture?

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