Friday, February 11, 2011

that ITCH?

I have Been Fighting a reoccurring skin rash on Phoenix. I have used so many products to help clear up this Rash. the doctor prescribed some hydrocortisone 2.5 % and it need not do anything to clear up this Rash. so, then i mixed hydrocortisone and Aveno together to clear up the Rash and it Did Not Work! i even tried, Oil of olay moisturizing shower wash. on him and eliminating bath water on skin.
Well, i love skin products, so, and I have been using cetaphil moisturizing cream for my face in the evening. And one night Phoenix happened to be in my bathroom after a shower. and i just bent down and started smearing the Cetaphil cream all over Phoenix's legs. and i really didnt pay much attention to Phoenix's legs until the next evening at his shower time. and Phoenix's legs appeared soft and not dry at All. well, i thought.
I have continued to keep him moisturized with the Cetaphil. but, i have noticed there have been more skin bumps healing and then reappearing on another area of his skin. i dont know if Phoenix's diet has anything to do with it. Phoenix did get into Candy yesterday and he woke up with really dry skin this morning. i feel so bad for Phoenix because i do not know if his skin itches him or not because of his Autism . but i have never seen him scratch either.. i have noticed when Phoenix's skin is soft his communication is better and he can focus on an activity for longer periods of time.
i dont really know, except i will keep trying cetaphil. if you try the cetaphil for dry skin for your Autistic child, be sure its the cream and not the lotion. the cream has mineral oil in it...

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