Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the self Model... the Autistic Crystal

let me get my mind right.. its like life has been a blur.

Phoenix has been attending his weekly private speech therapist. and during a recent session she recomended for Phoenix to begin self modeling. I think to myself WTH.. she asked me" do you have a video camera?" i think,,,,,,,, NO, i dont have a video camera... uh.. how much is a camera,, i ponder,, one more thing to buy... but... Phoenix's father was very happy to purchase a new electronic device to play with.. Self modeling is a video or picture of the child doing an action or learning an objective. and replaying, so the child can see himself and remember.
After Phoenix's birthday, we wanted to take him on a special trip to the ZOO. Phoenix is such the worshipped child by his father. Anything is his wish....
I was worried Phoenix would stray during the trip, and i did the unthinkable. I purchased for my Crystal Baby, A........ monkey backpack leash. the monkey is a little backpack with a zipper and the tail of the monkey serves as the Leash. First.. then team work.. ;) I believe it was the best thing i ever purchased. we took Phoenix to see the Dinosaurs and gem stones, crystals and of course "The Hope Diamond"
Phoenix did not experience an overload or melt down around the ancient rocks and stones.
he had a great time, seeing an experiencing,different people and things.....
maybe his father kept him grounded.. idk. but it was fantastic.
Phoenix would point to the Giant elephant in the museum and say "look a there , elephant"
the day was recorded on the new video camera....

when we returned back to the hotel, Phoenix and his father went to the indoor pool for a swim. shew, when Phoenix entered the room the entire Pool was in, he screamed LOUD.
but when we he got in his father's arms and into the warm pool. he calmed down. it was late in the evening and it was just the two of them in the Pool. I was watching and recording phoenix swimming and jumping in the pool, it was self model time... I must say it was very serene looking on at father and son. i felt very much in the connected spiritual world.. heaven for me..

the next day we spent at the Zoo, father,son AND just me...A dream come true, really.
myself and my husband and one triangle loving four year old.

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