Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Wonder of Crystal Children Friends, Healing Light through the YOGA Boat Pose

Thank you for Stopping by.
Phoenix has had a Rough week since Our Family Turmoil Started nine days ago.

Since that Very Moment, Of Phoenix's Daddy loosing his job.
Phoenix 's astral telepathy  Full Adrenalin with Tears for his daddy moment.

Phoenix just wasn't himself.  He was Gone. My smiling Phoenix disappeared.
I know As Parent of Child who has autism , They withdraw.
My Phoenix was Gone for Nine days though.. Nine days I didn't have my sweet loving boy.
Nine Days my sweet Loving Phoenix was gone, and a Phoenix I had never experienced  slowly Appeared.
MY Heart was broken. Of course for Phoenix's Daddy and the job loss.
But, worse, My Phoenix was Traumatized by his astral telepathy experience.
It took me Putting the events that happened  to Phoenix together. (Mentioned in the previous post)
and after two days of  feeling Phoenix's Pain.
I just layed down and cried for my Son. and Cried and Cried.

AS a Crystal Mother, that was just to much for My Son to endure.
That Moment of experiencing  astral telepathy, or To many*Clairs at Once.
I imagined it happening again to him. was this going to be for the rest of his Life? and Cried and Cried for him.And with Phoenix sensitivity heightened,  there was just a dark cloud over us, every time the phone rang.  it was never anything positive.
Phoenix, felt every pain, felt sadness, just everything his Daddy was feeling.
With his Daddy and myself, trying to get on with Our Life.Phoenix's Daddy went back to his Craft. His First Job at this Corporation.Going Back to his Craft means, He went back to the Place he used to Manage.  Manager of Hundreds! and went back to being a employee..
The Day Phoenix's Dad returned to work on Thursday morning .
Phoenix Lost it when His Teacher Assistant had to leave the classroom.
That Triggered an Adrenaline tap, that Mrs Pearl, could not help him Control.
Phoenix became  The Ultimate Hulk.Phoenix was Uncontrollable, becoming almost Unstoppable.
And with his Mind not being able to control the Adrenaline tapped Hulk.Phoenix hurt Mrs Pearl.   I feel terrible for Mrs Pearl. She deserves better from Phoenix.
 Mrs Pearl even Being hurt by Phoenix,
Brought Phoenix back down from his Hulk state.
When Phoenix came back ,
He just layed down on a mat, with deep sadness, That even Mrs. Pearl could not bare.I wanted to come get him from School. Mrs Pearl said Phoenix would Learn a Meltdown will bring Mommy. This was Beyond any Meltdown..
 I listened to her, and I let him stay at school. but, I wanted him with me.
at the end the Day, Mrs.Pearl  sent a text that his energy was wacky today.
After Full Adrenaline, Hulk, and a Burning Up Phoenix.I knew she was right.when He got home.
I knew Phoenix going through a yoga session with me and then a five minute resting pose. I could get my hands on him long enough to feel his energy deep within him. You could think Like Reiki,.
I put my Hands on His Heart chakra for a minute, and then Something told me to Move my Hand down a little bit, Which is the Solar Plexus Chakra..
Phoenix sent me back an Energy Surge that bumped my hand.
I shook my head, and He bumped my hand back  again.    I've never had that happen before.
I knew Immediately,  Phoenix was Energy sick.
Phoenix dad went to work, he was going to be gone for a while.
I decided Phoenix needed to stay home from school. with me, with his Daddy away. So, Phoenix
could start finding Peace,
and Help His Mommy Clear the House Of the Negative Energy.
We had a great time,Phoenix did his Yoga , and  Crystal work. and I gave him loving hug after after loving hug .
But, Gazing in those Crystal Eyes, Everything we did together just wasn't enough.
I was so sad, and depressed,  . I just wanted my Son back.
I knew he was Alone and lived through  his own living nightmare. 
I kept Gazing in his Crystal Eyes, Begging him to let me in, and come back with me.
A smiling Phoenix Brings So Much Light..  and I needed my Light Phoenix! We all missed His Light!
I was a Lost Parent Of a Crystal Child with Autism Again.

Yoga and Our Crystal Children  Friends.
A couple weeks ago at Yoga class, One of the Younger Crystal Children, was Not having Yoga That day. She was not feeling Yoga.and  She was a screaming mess. It happens with these Crystals.  It is not easy for them..  Again NOT an Easy Life.
Mrs Pearl tried to soothe  her , but nothing stopped the screaming.
Phoenix was on his Yoga mat and Mrs Pearl  decided to bring her over to Phoenix.
Phoenix stuck his feet out on Instinct, and this sweet Crystal Child placed her feet on his. Yoga Boat Pose. Phoenix sharing  his  Healing Light, Through their feet touching.began balancing out the vibration she was still upset, but it soothed her enough to stop Screaming. In Yoga this is the Boat Pose.. THE BOAT POSE! The Healing Boat pose.

When the next Yoga Class Came.  I was a Nervous wreck!
 Phoenix was still  just not  completely Back. 
I didn't know what to Expect from Him in Yoga.
I kept telling Phoenix
I am Calm ,
On the ride to Yoga.
I am Calm.
I took him to Yoga Class,and  I hoped for the Best.
Well, by The Wonder of Crystal Children Friends.
The Younger Crystal Child from last week were placed with Phoenix's mats  side by side this class.
Phoenix wasn't so sure about being so Close to her, and being Little Yogis together.

Phoenix chooses very carefully who his friends are. Even a much younger Child..
Phoenix making sure she had genuine Crystal love, as they tried to do The Boat Pose together.
Then Another Boat Pose  feet to feet.
Phoenix, Knew after that last Boat Pose,  She was a Crystal Friend..
When that Happened, Crystal Friends Found each other's Light.
Phoenix Trusted her as if he had known her since the Beginning of time.
Yoga Boat Pose again.
Phoenix and the Young Crystal touched feet, and balanced out their vibration, and The Young Crystal Shared her Healing light , just as Phoenix had Shared his Healing light and soothed her at the last class.
Phoenix's Light had returned.
Their Crystal Light  between those to Crystal children  Brightened the Whole Yoga class.

 These Two Crystal Children  were creating More Wonder among the Other Children in class,.
The Other Children stopped their Yoga Poses, to watch the Wonder of Crystal Children working together. and like Magnets the other children were drawn to two Crystal Children's wonder. And with the healing Light of a New Crystal Friend. and all the Wonder of the class.Phoenix smiled. Phoenix a Happy Loving Smile.   For the First time in over a nine days.Phoenix was Smiling that Beautiful Smile. His Crystal Light Could be seen again in those Crystal eyes. His Young Crystal Friend helped him. She  Healed him, in a way , I could Not .Crystal Children healing abilities used to help each other. 
The Wonder Of Crystal Children Friends.

Parents of crystal children find a yoga class as soon as you can. Crystal Children need to Find Comfort in their Aura Vibration. Yoga is the way.

**clairsentience (meaning clear sensing or emotional layer sensing),
clairvoyance (meaning clear seeing as with the Third Eye),
clairaudience (meaning clear hearing),
and claircognizance (meaning clear knowingness).

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