Wednesday, March 3, 2010

is he different?

Phoenix is different than most children with Autism. Phoenix never had a vocabulary, and then lost it. Most Autisic children start out as normal children, saying words like mama and dada. But then all of a sudden their vocabulary simply disappears, and the child they once knew, is not that child anymore. Phoenix said his first word at around 18 months old. It was like his tongue didnt know how to move to form the words. When he said Dada the first time it was more like DerDer. I remember i was thrilled, then he quickly said Mama. It was so strange. I must say Phoenix's voice is very deep and raspy. And as always when he says a new word it is a miracle.... I believe his vocabulary is at around 30 words now. Thanks to speech therapy and play therapy.

Phoenix finished up his speech and play therapy this week. The therapist came over and gave him a party to celebrate. He starts school Monday. It is hard on me because i wanted to spend the next 2 years at home with him. But he must go to school. Phoenix will be going to an Early childhood education program for children with special needs. I believe he is special..

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