Sunday, March 7, 2010


the weekend has flown by. the weather has been sun shiny and warm. I went to have Phoenix's physical done for school. Phoenix does not like the Doctor's office or the Doctor for that matter. His doctor is a small aged Asian lady, with little personality. Poor Phoenix every time he sees the Asian lady doctor, he has a full blown melt down. Phoenix's physical went easy this time. I did show the doctor his rash on his legs. Phoenix breaks out with certain soaps. I have to be extra careful with his clothes, soaps and lotions. Sensitive Phoenix is.
After the doctor's visit, we took off to register Phoenix for school. AS soon as we walked in the school's office Phoenix starts touching everything,balls, books ,papers,paperclips. Soon, a lady walks in the office and has a full blown Crystal Engagement with Phoenix. Phoenix locked those big brown starry eyes on her. And she stood there gazing at him as he gazed at her. Then a few minutes after that Phoenix ran and grabbed some kick balls and started playing with him. The next thing I know the lady keeps saying over and over, "he is so Pretty" "he is so Pretty, wow" I dont know what to say except i wish she would have said something other than Pretty. Phoenix is a boy after all..
Oh, tomorrow is the first day of school for Phoenix. I cant hardly believe it. I wonder what the impact he will have on the people and children at school. He has been a lonely child sitting at home with me bottled up with spiritual energy. Its been the two of us for so long. I wonder what he misses from afar maybe a different time and place, maybe another space in time. I whisper I love you to Phoenix. he hears me.. you and I....

I cant believe Phoenix being a Crystal has gotten us here, and going to school at age 3. Is it the autism? speech? oh... I dont know.
I cant wait to get Phoenix to the Ocean. It will cleanse and charge at the same time. Little Pisceian (Pisces)....
MAybe next month.

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