Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Everyday I see my Dream

Phoenix and I have been doing a lot of adjusting lately. Going to a new school has had its challenges. Phoenix's classroom is a lot smaller than the classroom he had last year.
Depending on what mood he is in varies day by day. Usually he is super pissed when i drop him off. And i mean pissed. Shew. When i drop him off at school, he runs to the class rocking chair and sits there and screams. Some days it is just a wimper when i drop him off, and he will sit and pout for a few minutes, then start his day with his classmates, and then some days. Phoenix cries so loud you can hear him in the next room. but, today was a really good day. Phoenix, instead of running to the rocking chair, he joined in with his class and begun his day, without being so pissed at the world. its amazing how Phoenix gets his point across....
at the beginning of school, the school ran a Lock Down drill. In case a crazy person invades the school. Well, all fifteen students and two teachers were in the classroom bathroom. imagine a tiny everything size bathroom for toddlers crammed packed with 8 typical and 7 of the delayed children. with the lights out.. my child had a mega melt down when the lights went out. Phoenix's showed the power of his lungs and vibrated the teachers ear drums. I was told you could her his fear in his voice. i know from experience that when Phoenix's sensory issues are aggravated , the emotion of fear can take over. it seems like once an emotion of his shows within him and directed out , the emotion is amplified.
Everyday it seems like I can see Phoenix's Autism showing itself and to others. He is just different than other children his age. Plain and simple. After the Lock Down Drill, Phoenix decided he wasnt going to use the bathroom in his classroom. I think now, after a couple of weeks he is doing better. But he was so pissed, he went on A Potty strike at school. he refused to pee at schhool
parenting a crystal child is hard work. and getting the crystal children main streamed is even harder work. when i was dreaming of Phoenix all those years ago, in my dreams, there were white picket fences, and tall glorous oak trees. with a little golden hair little boy sitting beneath it.
i had know idea why?

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