Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mutant X....

I have been thinking about this post for sometime.
Phoenix, ahhhh, my sweet but not so sweet boy. ( thats up next)
I would like to write to you about what i have come to realize could be the next generation of humans. Autism is spreading like a wildfire through California. would i dare say we humans are evolving. can you tell, i cant get this off my brain. i wish you could see what i see.
could we be watching evolution right before our eyes? how many people are putting on blindfolds to this?
we would be fools to think humans are done evolving. FOOLS i tell you.

yesterday, i went to the meeting to get Phoenix's private speech therapy in motion. I dont have patience with the school system. and I believe we are about to hire one of the best speech therapist on the east coast. i do not believe she even knows it yet. what sets this speech therapist apart is her Intense Presence I mean INTENSE! you have to Dominate these crystal children. if you have never met a crystal child, they act like supreme beings. crystal children, just Know. and they think we just Know. some of us do not.

Phoenix has to be in control of every situation, all day and all night. Even his teachers conform to Phoenix. i witnessed it for myself this morning, his teacher tried to take his coat off. WHOA! Phoenix ripped her up, meaning, he let out a NO, and i watched his eyes turn from brown with deep black speckles, to deep black. both of his eyes turned into the color of the black speckles. the teacher just backed off and threw her hands up and back up two steps . he literally made her back off him, with one NO and one look.

back to yesterday, my meeting about speech therapy. i met with someone from Phoenix's early intervention team. as well, if you are a reader. Phoenix is SUPER sensitive . i have just come to accept this about him. His human senses are Hyper. Hypersensitivity is as mentioned on my previous post.
anyway, i was discussing how off the charts Phoenix's sensory issues have been lately. and i was talking to her about him covering up his ears when he hears certain sounds.
she actually said to me.. " you know he can hear things that we can not " What? i said to her "Really" she was totally confirming his hyper hearing. She has worked with Phoenix since he was two years old. and as been in this field for 30 years. SO, i believe her. Phoenix just hears things differently than we do.
but again, back to Evolution. Just think about what i have written about. and Phoenix is among 1000's that hear differently or hear things we do not.
theorist want to link autism to pollutants, environmental changes, vaccines, just to name a few.
i do not know what the answer is to this. but haven't frogs mutated from living in polluted water?
just asking?
anything is possible.
Are Phoenix and other Autistic crystal children mutations? my Phoenix can not talk well. he has a speech delay. but where he has this speech delay, he has made up for it, in hearing, and his eye sight. among other areas of his sensory.
I know his sense of touch has always been a little off. FluFFY. (in the search bar type in fluffy for more information on Phoenix's touch sensory)
Smell. I dont know yet.
taste. he likes plain vegetables. his favorite dinner is peas, second lima beans. he has the kiddie plants with the three divisions for food. on the biggest section of the plate, belongs to his vegetables not meat. in the other sections usually a banana, and i try to get him to eat meat, and he is not doing well eating meat. always plain pasta and plain rice.
i supplement him with a vitamin.

before our eyes we are watching Mutants right before eyes.

the spiritual sense. is this sense also HYPER?
things are happening around me. and around me is Phoenix.
who would believe this?

Mutant X..
the new humans......
their all around us.

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