Saturday, January 5, 2013

dreams of Autism

How many times must I Repeat this.
Some many people ask me I How felt, when  I received Phoenix's Autism diagnosis. most can not believe,  I did not feel sad, devastated, where there tears?  no tears.
I have always been just grateful to God,  that Phoenix was here.    He was a miracle, a real in person miracle.
I remember nights when I was pregnant, and I could not fall asleep, and I was alone by myself.  I could hear the whispers. the whispers, Your son will have Autism.  as I drifted to sleep, I said in my dreams, I can handle Autism, just make him appear. make him beautiful.  please, in my dreams I pleaded to the gods to make him appear like everyone else.

Autism is like stepping over Mountains, its an enormous leap. but, Phoenix is here
He was so little when we received his diagnosis of Autism. Phoenix was just two years old.

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