Monday, July 16, 2012

New Autism School

Phoenix has been going to his new Autism school.  I have even let him enjoy the school bus. My crystal baby is becoming a Crystal Child.
I cant believe Life is happening this way.  I always wanted Phoenix to live a normal life,  but he is not a normal child.  I have tried and tried.  Parents of typical children never know what this is like.
i think often that maybe Phoenix is the new Normal.
more and more of the children are being Born with Autism.   Does God have a Plan for Our Sons? 
Emotional but unemotional children.

the autism school sends home a journal everyday with a little a note.  most reading, Phoenix ate his sandwich and raisins.  He is so smart,  bla bla bla
it has been to school for fifteen days, and his journal always reads. He is smart.  but, what in the world is he doing to be called smart on most every journal entry.
sometimes i feel like the Autism School is just being nice in those journal entries.
isnt that the way it goes.

lately Phoenix has been driving me nuts.  He has learned how to use the remote control.  and he loves DVR.  he rewinds his favorite shows over and over.  he does learn to say new words this way. that repetition thing.

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  1. Hi, I am an astrologer and I am about to start a research about autism and astrology. I will look at charts to autistic people and view them from a astrological and spiritual perspective. I resonate with lots of what you write and that your son probably is a crystal. If you would like to let me look at your sons chart my email is Or if you have any questions around this let me know. All the best to you and your angel son, Karianne