Sunday, May 19, 2013

1 in 88

I cant believe out of all in the children in the world,  I was lucky enough for Phoenix to be chosen to be 1-88.
1-88 for Autism.
Chosen for Autism. I know we fly through life being different, and being viewed as not one of the normal.
I make my wish upon a star.  I wish, he could be normal for a moment, and wonder what would normal be like for Phoenix.
but, that would not be my son Phoenix.
I waited for you for so Long,
I cant believe I am one who was chosen to be Phoenix's mother.
I cant resist your smile, I stare into your eyes,  and a love so deeply only the Gods would understand.
I love when Phoenix hugs me close and I give him that squeeze around his back to make him feel better.
night time comes and I tuck you in, with all your blankets piled high.
think of 88 children called to line up row after row child after child.
 and One child is chosen. chosen for Autism.

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