Tuesday, July 2, 2013

the Self Made Vegetarian

I dont know how many parents go through this with their Crystal children?  But my Autistic crystalline child refuses to eat meat.  every evening we go through the same ritual. I fix Phoenix's plate with a tiny bit of meat on his plate. and every single night I get a NOPE!  "will you please taste this Phoenix?" he takes a fork full puts the meat in his mouth and he spits the meat out in the trash can every single time.  at least he tastes the meat, which goes in the trash.  we have have been learning over time, about his intense dislike of meat.  I have read over and over that Crystal children are vegetarian.  but,I never understood how the crystal children became vegetarian. I always just assumed the child was vegetarian  because of their parents being vegetarians.  or something like that?
my crystal child love vegetables,  you can place a piece of corn on the cob, and lima beans on his plate and Phoenix is so excited to eat. he says over and over "delicious" "delicious"
can you imagine?  I have a self made vegetarian.
Is your crystal child a vegetarian by choice?
amazing isnt it?

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