Wednesday, January 27, 2010

blocks,blocks, all the same size

Phoenix me and his dad went to visit the school this week to observe and see how Phoenix would interact with the other Autistic children. Let me tell you. I could not believe my eyes all these children with disabilities were amazing to watch. there were nine boys and just three girls, and their ages were from 3-4 the majority of the children that i saw and interacted with had speech delay. the teachers were all encouraging the children to "use their words" or make a sign when wanting something, learning to ask can be difficult for these children. My Phoenix doesnt seem to think he needs to ask me for anything, he just thinks i know.
being in the same room with these children was energizing. the class room felt like warm sunshine, after being buried in dark grey snow for weeks.
we arrived just in time for breakfast. the children all sat at small tables with a big pile of toast in the center, along with small bowls of fruit loops and coco Krispies. it was a feast for for All. from what i saw no milk or juice was spilled. All the children sat and ate their breakfast. then came story time came and the children gathered around the teacher. and the children listened to the story. Phoenix sat at the table for a whole ten minutes. then he ran to the blocks corner. my Phoenix has a block obsession, the blocks all have to the same size, thank goodness its not all the same color too. then he builds and builds. he then got himself stuck over in the block corner, trying to stack blocks from his reflection in the mirror.

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