Friday, January 29, 2010

has Autism caused your soul to be stolen?

i was reading and came across an article about austic children who appear to be born with no soul. it was one of saddest reads of my life. i will not post it, but google is a wonderful thing. but after visiting school with Phoenix an observing another child with autism. sadly i could see what people might would consider a soulless human.this child could not make contact. and his speech delay was severe. but if you sit and listen you can peal through the layers of the Austic child's soul. their souls appear to dwell deeply within. almost like the child is as lost deep in the next galaxy. my tears fill, i just want to drown my sorrows. i look to my bright Phoenix, and i sit and listen again. i look right through him, his soul is as bright and full as the Full Moon itself. Could it be my dear? but No i still feel you in their. has autism stole my crystal child's soul? with giggles my Phoenix says Noooooo.

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