Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why my house???

i imagine a row of 125 houses all filled with children. An Autism chose my house. Maybe i should have marked my door like the Hebrews did at Passover. why my house?
it was december 22 2009 when the specialist said it. He has Austism.
Amazing things dwell within that spirit of my son. The child already has a relationship with Christ. When we visit the thrift store he can pick up all things jesus. I want to get him a Christ Buddy. He is not so scary. Why does Jesus have to be so scary. All except the baby jesus.

we are working hard to get on Phoenix's level. i dont know if i ever could. but, that seems to be only way to reach him. what is happening? where is the life that i recognize?

my pawpaw has left this world.. i miss him so much. i understand grief now. it hurts so bad.
the last time i saw him, i told him how much i loved him. i knew it would be the last time i saw him. painful as it is, i knew immediately he felt better. he didnt feel so good......

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