Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Passover Begins Again.......... Our Autistic sons

Passover begins today. I think back to Ancient times when the Israelites Painted their Doors to protect their first born sons. and then i think of Autism.
Autism affects 1-70 boys. Is Autism a great curse from long ago? Autism is taking revenge against our sons. Could Autism be the biggest Plague of all time? We dont understand why autism strikes One Son and Not another Son. What in the Hell is happening here?
Imagine What happens to a Mother and Father. their toddler son is talking, potty trained, and making plenty of Eye Contact. And Over Night their SON looses the ability to talk, cant use the bathroom, and can not look them in the EYE. Something swooped over the Son and took him away.
this Alone will make you want to Paint your Doorpost During Passover..........
I wonder if God hears Our Cries.
Maybe I should just go paint a giant "A" on my door during Passover

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