Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hair cut

It was time for Phoenix's hair to be cut. Phoenix's hair when long is straight and thin. and his hair get tangles so easy. the only solution for his hair was a Hair cut. Now, taking Phoenix to a salon or barber shop for his hair cut is out of the question. His autism would show big time, and i could not risk someone poking my son in the eyes with scissors. I could not imagine the immense melt down that would happen. Which autistic children are known for...
well, whats a mom to do. Cut his hair myself. i couldnt stand looking at that rats nest anymore
One evening last week after his shower, i tried to cut it. snip, scream,snip scream, you would have thought i was stabbing him with the scissors. I managed to cut some of his hair but noway near a decent looking hair cut. so, the next evening at after his shower, i cut a little more, still the same, snip, scream, snip scream. thank goodness this haircut happened during his Easter break from school. geez. i believe it took around four days to get his hair cut right... well, at least that's done. but with his temper fits i was so worried about the scissors, but we both made it through the hair cut and tomorrow when Phoenix goes back to school, he will look like the rest of the children.

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