Friday, April 1, 2011

why the mess?

I dont know if any other parents of autistic children go through this...but my Phoenix loves to dump all of his toys out. All of them. I get so tired of picking up those toys. One by One i would get rid of his wooden blocks. i just could not take picking them up anymore. Phoenix often helps picking up his mess, but still, why does he need to drag out every single toy.
I have learned to get him isolated to One room in the house, so the rest of the house stays Nice and Neat. But, sometimes my husband lets Phoenix down stairs to play.. oh, do i get ill real fast. i dont mean to get that way about it, but Why does Phoenix have to make such a mess. i often refer Phoenix to an f-5 tornado on my facebook status.
gosh, its already April and the first day of Autism awareness month. we have alot to be greatful for. Phoenix the crystal baby..

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