Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Power Outage and Autism

what a couple of strange days we have had.  we had a powerful storm roll through the mountains leaving millions without power.  electricity....
poor Phoenix.  autistics are so routine driven,  most autistics want their day planned the same everyday,  it builds comfort for them  i guess.  but, my gosh,  Phoenix did not understand why he could not watch his precious TV.   He kept grabbing the remote and pushing the buttons and nothing would happen for him.  shew,  Phoenix had the ultimate melt down.  it was already really quite because we didn't have any power and it was dark.  Phoenix was fine with the darkness, but the no TV.  his voice was vibrating the walls.  there was not anything i could do to calm him.   his meltdown felt like an eternity...  screaming, fist pounding madness.  a temper tantrum five fold.
Phoenix finally calmed down,  he gave me a hug and started playing with a flash light.
and he was happy again.  then daddy went and got a generator, and Phoenix could watch a dvd movie.  he was so happy, laughing and giggling watching TV. Phoenix's daddy became a savior in the eyes of Phoenix.  finally something normal, while going with out power and cold showers.
it took a number of days before the power was restored and some people are still sadly without power.with millions without power i know some of the people have a child with Autism.  my goodness what a total upheaval  in routine. i prayed for a lot of patience...
 and one gallon of bubble juice help Phoenix make it through the boredom.  bubbles are wonderful, ya know?
 Phoenix is almost balanced back out and back in to routine.  he still doest understand not going to school.  the autism school closed because of the power outage.  he was ready for school this morning. 
he sadly took off his shoes and sat on the couch with me and watched the morning news.
I made him his favorite breakfast. plain  toast and one box of raisins.

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