Thursday, December 26, 2013

Moving days and Tactile sensory

Our family has just completed our relocation  with my husband's work.  I was so depressed and full of anxiety leading up to the move.  I was so worried about Phoenix moving houses and changing schools.  Phoenix was going to an Autism school before the move. I thought he was doing okay. but, then all of a sudden his tactile sensory has been off the charts.  Phoenix has been driving me crazy with this tactile sensory overload.  My hair is in a bun on my head because Phoenix cant keep his hands off my hair.  I've tried other sensory toys to try to help him with this sensory.  but nothing seems to work right now.  except my hair and anybodies hair he can get his hands on.  it has been tough.  his teachers at his new school have to wear their hair up too.  geez,,
Phoenix has always had strong tactile sensory overload.  When he was a baby, he would pull his hair out and roll his hair between his fingers. Then Phoenix discovered fluffy from a couch I used to have.  He would tear a hole in the couch to get the fluffy out. then his hair finally grew out.
I just hope  his sensories calm down because it has been tough especially since Phoenix experienced a sensory overload to a Christmas family get together.

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  1. Thank you for your beautiful blog. I just found it. My son is almost 3 and recently diagnosed. I'm very aware of indigo/crystal children and looking for other parents who are also on the similar journey of enlightenment with these precious children. As clear as it all resonates, it is still very challenging. I would love to speak futher on the topic if you like. My email is Many blessings to you and your beautiful family. -m