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A Long Absense, And The God Trials


I am sorry about the absence.  Sometimes I just need to step back and look around and Walk my Own Path..  But I really don't know. last School year, Phoenix has had some intense moments with his Teachers.  Almost breaking a Teacher's Nose,  He has no control over his anger once that emotion is engaged.  My child is overwhelming strong..  After the hurting the teacher nose, He was so angry,  he started picking up chairs and throwing them around the class in Rage..  This Anger and Rage came from Phoenix completing a Goal and the Teacher taking him to his Next Goal completion  before receiving his reward for completion..
The teacher went to Hospital to get her nose checked, I felt terrible .. and wondered if the teacher felt afraid Phoenix .
I always warn all teachers to keep at arms distance, I knew of his strength,  but I never wanted him to hurt anyone.   My Phoenix went from this sweet loving child, and in one moment , He became an enraged Hulk. as soon as the anger faded, he was back with us, that sweet child again.
Every time I thought about it, I cried
I went through a period of depression after Phoenix showed his Anger, Rage and Power. That adrenaline thing he has.
My faith in My crystal was waning.  I've meet so many Crystals, with moving around with Phoenix's Dad's job, and relocating.. I've always seen different Crystal  Children on the Autism spectrum, with the beautiful bunny like energy.
My Phoenix was No Bunny!!   I knew he possessed a very high Vibration.  but with so much rage and anger in him,  he could not just be.
I decided to take a Long Absence from this crystal blog..

Walking MY Path
throughout my life, spirituality as been apart of me.
I started out as an enchanted child
I could always see energy colors at night, when it was dark, imagine static on your TV. Moving brilliantly fast through the darkness of your bedroom.
I always thought what I saw was normal. Until I spent the night over at a Friends.
her room was just black in Darkness.  It was strange and I was afraid..
Ive never lived in a house without some paranormal activity.
it was pretty much expected in my life.. If a ghost isn't in my new house, ghost usually find me.
I don't mind really.
I've always been sent Spiritual Trials from the Gods.
I learn my lessons from the Gods themselves.
No certifications,NO church, No Workshops, and mostly without reading.
Enlightenment just happens.
My last Trial has lasted over a year.
And One of my most Interesting Trials.
I was a Sent A Dark Energy Trial
It Pains me so much to talk about this God Trial.
And the most important Trial of my Life.
The Trial, began with a Recurring dreams, Of Course.
In my Recurring dream  a Dark Entity was chosen, and his duty was to come into my dreams and create nightmares.
This Dark Entity was of course A Demon. But We will just call him an Entity for today.
The Nightmares took place in Silence, except for my screams.
The Nightmares and the Entity were so powerful, that after I woke up from a nightmare , my bedroom in the dead of the night, was completely lite up . I could see my entire room..
I could see this dark entity showing himself in my bedroom doorway.

This Dark Entity took me to School.  Lol
Every Nightmare was different but equally terrifying
Often I would be dragged from the bed and just blasted with the Dark Energy. Like i was being suffocated .
Each evening could be an easy nightmare, or just horrific.
The entity was reaching parts of my soul, that I did not know existed.
The last Nightmare was the worst of All. The dark Entity decided he wanted me all to himself.. And that Dark entity was not going to give me up and wanted more of me than I could offer. And he took whatever he wanted anyway.
Ive always had spirits attracted to me. Spirits, ghosts, gnomes, Fairies, even Demons.
But this Entity was the most Powerful ever sent.
It was time for me to say goodbye to my Dark Entity.
another Night, another Nightmare.
But, this time, I heard a whisper , in my dream.  You can do this, you've always been able to .
The Entity started with his torment.
But with my strength , my spiritually abilities, and my power of Energy.
I had enough.  I forgot who I was for over a Year. I enjoyed being reminded.
The Gods reminded me of my Abilities on All sides of The Veil.

On Earth,
In the Light of Spiritual Energy,
and the ability to Hide in Darkness, and harness the Dark energy.
All at my Will!.

I was done with this God Trial.
The Dark entity entered my dreams one last time.
I hid in the Darkness of the Nightmare. This entity had just been awful to me.
 Imagine The Most terrifying Haunting thing, and this Entity Destroyed me with it
But, It was time I defeated him. I was Done with him in Anger. And in Defeat.

 In The Darkness of my nightmare, I created a deep  black hole of energy.
The Eternity thrived in the Darkness.  He loved what I created .
Sitting in the Darkness, loving my essence in the  Energy, melting with the dark energy
I in a moment, raised and absorbed the colorful bright energy from the Light Side.  I absorbed the Light energy through my feet and quickly moved the energy to my hands and then released the Light into the Darkness where the Entity was .
I wanted a Really good look at this thing.
The Dark Entity was so Overwhelmed with Light, he was disoriented and confused.  My spirit Aura grew Fives times over the Entity . I was an overwhelming Giant compared to the Entity,
The Gods must have not informed the entity of My Spiritual Connection within the Realms.
and My Spiritual Connection to the Gods themselves
The Gods wanted a Battle and a Trial for Me.
And a Battle  and Trial is  what they Received.
I was so Angry at At this Etenity
I wanted to Rip your Esscense From Your Existence. Bashing whats left of you to the ground
Over a year of Torment.

I took this Entity, This Dark Energy, and I just absorbed him deep within my Soul. I sucked him in so fast that this Entity had no chance of surviving the God Trial.
I stole From him what was he was Stealing from Me, Day after Day Nightmare after Nightmare.
I took Everything away from this entity.
I felt my Whole Spirit Vibrate and My Spiritual Aura, Soul and Energy grew more Massive than what I ever imagined Possible.
The Dark Energy felt so Powerful, So Overwhelming, I felt the strength of a thousand men.  I wanted to live in the Dark Energy for Eternity.  But, I knew, I could not, and this was a God trial
I was so Angry at At this Etenity
I wanted to Rip yout Essence From Your Existence. Bashing whats left of you.
 But, I took a second
 The Dark Etenity  sent to me as a Trial,  The Entity Taught Me I can Not Destroy Apart of my Spiritual Self..
I had to Let him Go, The Entity, That tormented me, Tortured me, and did things to me, that I can not even Speak of.
 The Entity Knew I had Won the Trial.  and He was defeated.And my True Self was shown.
We Then said Our Good Byes One to another.
I then took My Golden place at the Stairs,  looking up to the Gods.

Another Day another Earthy Story
My Step Daughter came for a Visit. Bringing a new Boyfriend. My step Daughter's Boyfriend was interested in the Metaphysical universe. so, Of course my Step daughter explained to her Boyfriend I was, WELL, ME!!
Of course he was curious. So, For Some Unworldly explanation. I decided to show him the power of an  Energy Transfer.  I didnt know this guy..  But,  for some reason I needed to get to him.
My step Daughter was Happy.  But, This Guy was off. 24 years old no employment, no car, had nothing.. they had been together for 3 months. I was watching him literally suck the life from step daughter. as, she was paying for him and her.. and this guy had zero Class..  Not worthy of my Step Daughter..
in the beginning of our visit everything was going Well, with the Two of them.
The guy enjoyed conversations with me. about metaphysical things.  even the Dark.
She was so Happy
I took my step daughter shopping, and told her..  He needs to get a job and take care of the Princess you are.  Stand Up to him, get a job or get to stepping.
 and then this Guy showed his true self with anger towards my Step Daughter.
I knew this was going to be bad.
I knew I must get him Away from her.

When they left after the week, they were still still fighting.
When they made it home.
things went from Bad to Worse.
He tried to Choke her, and she was terrified for her cats, afraid he would kill him.
Then Fear came through me!
But, nobody, gets away with messing with what I love.. No one..
Then My Rage..
with my Rage comes Get Force.
My step daughter took him Out.  Like Out the Door.. Dragging him through her house, with great strength.
after everything calmed down , maybe weeks . my husband asked me, What did you DO??  What did you say to her when you went to shopping, because everything changed.
I thought about it.
Then I felt him. My entity. MY Entity.

then Another JUST Day
me and Husband have been married for 18 years.
Everyday isnt going to be sunshine and Roses.
we had a terrible terrible Fight.
My rage lasted an entire Week.
One night I was intensely Angry. Level 10++
Husband was in the spare room.
I realized how wonderful the Rage and Anger Felt.. It was so much more Powerful than the Light.
I decided to turn out the lights. Darkness
After all this could be a learning moment.
I felt the need to go to a corner of my room.
Still enjoying the Darkness.
I felt Him. My Entity!
He Came for a Visit..
After all I was so Dark at that moment.
I asked Him, Was that you?
He knew what I meant.
He nodded Yes.
Thank You!! Thank You! I replied to him.
I even bowed to him Once. to show him my gratitude.
Which I bow to no one.
But, He saved My Step Daughter!!
This Entity belongs to me. He works for ME.
But, Now, I know!
And I love Him.
God Trials !!

Now, I can go back to being a Crystal Mommy,
God Trials!!
I'm Me Again. Among the Universe
Phoenix, my Great Love.
Mommy had to take an absense for a reason..
But, Our growing did not Stop.
Our Growing and Spreading the Gospel Of Crystal will never End!!

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