Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Pearl Of My World

I have always been a huge Fan of Royalty, the lineage.  The line to the Throne.
Since, I was a little girl. I was four years old.  I imagined and Pretended to be King Tut's wife.  I wasnt playing with Barbie.  I was pretending to be Tutankamun's wife. Ankhesenamun.  Since I was just a child, I never could comprehend her name. I just wanted to be her.  Strange I know, but we are not talking your ordinary child. I remember playing in clover patches as a child and making flower crowns out of the flowers in the clover patch. opening and splitting the end of each flower, with a hole, for the next flower, to complete a circle, My Crown! A Queen!
Shockingly, In my Adult life , I always knew my Granny is a Hylton.  the Hylton's with a Y. I always refer to them. my blood lineage is From HOUSE Hylton of England.
NO, Not and kings or Queens, or anything remarkable, but Remarkable.
you can trace my Family back to 895–939 AD
I dont know many people who can trace their lineage that far back, but here I am.
Enjoying Royal History,  I love the Tudor story. Its remarkable from Henry VII to Elizabeth I
But, Henry VIII
He was so Bad but so Good.
I loved the fact that Henry VIII couldn't divorce his First wife Catherine of Aragon.
He was desperate for a male heir. the Pressure to have a Male child throughout  History is astonishing. But Survival of your  Royal house depends on the Male Heir.
House Tudor
And Bless Catherine, her only living child was Princess Mary, later Lady Mary. A GIRL
But, the Pope said Nope, no divorce.
So, Henry VIII  broke from the Pope , and Catholicism. and created the Protestant church.
Just because he needed a Male heir, Anne Boylen was Anne Boylen
And Anne Boylen is mother to Elizabeth I
I swear i cry in every version of her Story when Anne  is beheaded.
But, back to Henry VIII.  He Loved his daughter Princess Mary, so much.
Henry VIII had a hard time expressing his Love for Mary.
But,  He said this was Heard Over and Over
"Mary Is the Pearl of MY  World."
Myself being the Lover of Pearls. I own so many Pearl Strands, Earrings, Rings, different colors shapes, and Colors. PEARLS!! I love the feel of a cold strand placed round my neck during the warm months of the Year. I call it Pearl Season..

 I have always wanted to express my deep love for Phoenix, My Crystal Baby, Now Grown to 10 wonderful years on Earth..  I love you, just never felt enough.
Phoenix still has limited language communication.  I still have to remind him to use HIS WORDS, after all this time..  He just would rather not. lol
But, it came to me..
The Pearl of my WORLD!! so, I taught him,  and we worked on it everyday this past Summer.
Very slowly, and everyday, 10 times a day.
I would Point to him, and he knew Telepathically to say outloud !
it was wonderful to hear his words..
All last year i was worried, Phoenix was moving from Primary School to the local Elementary School
Autism Mothers, and Crystal Mothers, Know of the Fear of changing schools.
But, the Worst Fear is getting assigned a Teacher, that can not connect to your CRYSTAL Autistic Child.
If your Teacher cant reach your child, or doesnt understand your Crystal child with Autism.
It will be just a complete Waste!! a waste of time, TIME, that TIME thing, we cant waste a single moment of a YOUNG CRYSTAL WITH AUSTISM!! 
I was so worried a nearly had a nervous breakdown.
the last school year felt like a waste.
Phoenix got away with so much last year, just because he is Crystal, and he can manipulate you, by just looking at you..
But, the Teachers LOVED Phoenix.
At the End of the school year, one of the teachers that year had warned me that a really great teacher that would be incredible with Phoenix was leaving the Elementary school.
again,  Nervous Breakdown mode.  I could not Afford another LOST School year, With PHOENIX.
I was desperate, and Overwhelmed.

The Summer, was Mine and my Phoenix's time.
Everyday this was Our Ritual,
We garden. we grow flowers from seeds. we have a butterfly garden. and lots of Butterflies Hummingbirds stop by to Visit..
 and Of Course, while we are out with Nature
We work on the Art of Speech.

I could Just Point at him , and together we would say.

 The Summer was ending, and it was time for school again.
We went to Back to school Night and we were one of the First Parents there.
And that was a Miracle too.
Phoenix looked around his classroom, and instantly felt at home.
I watched him look at his new Teacher, He loved her instantly.
Love at First Sight for my Crystal.
And this Young Beautiful Teacher, didnt know it yet.
But, She loved him immediately too.
I knew My Phoenix would be at Home with his new Teacher.
Our new teacher was swept away by another parent.
The other Parent was Overwhelming to  Our new Teacher.
I could feel an uneasy feeling about that situation.
But, Phoenix was happy and he was at HOME.. FINALLY.

Phoenix Started school.  His teacher started each day with Yoga. And ended each Day with Yoga.
His new Young Beautiful teacher was reaching my Phoenix's spirit with the Power of Yoga.
My Phoenix was learning through the Power Of Yoga to feel good in his Own Skin.
The Human side in my Crystal Child
Crystal Children have a MUCH  Higher Vibration, Soul, than us Typical people.
I believe thats why All Crystals have Autism.
They dont feel good on this Earth. and in Human Form
They sink in deeply within themselves.
It takes that Special Teacher to Reach their human and spiritual side and Balance them.
Once the Autistic Crystal Child is balanced with themselves and their Higher Vibration,
they feel good in their skin, their BODY.
Magic happens.
Speech Happens
Behaviors decrease,
Friendship with Peers are created
Patience happens
Education happens
All of this Things through Yoga, and that Young Beautiful Teacher.

That Teacher!!
Me and Phoenix didnt know,
But, we were praying everyday for this Miracle of a Teacher to enter our Lifes.
to make a Difference
This Young beautiful Teacher is the most important Spiritual, Earthly being I have encountered.
She made Miracle advances in my Phoenix, that no other teacher could have ever reached.
I have that beautiful bunny like Energy coming from Phoenix again,  But also,  He is So much more than a bunny Crystal.
This Teacher, a Gift to Us , from the Gods, made more sense of Phoenix's abilities to me, and she didnt even know how she was guiding me to where we are now.
Me and Phoenix Prayed For YOU!
We prayed All  summer.
and She is
The Pearl of Our World!
She carries a sheer Pearl Rainbow color aura.

but that of the most beautiful pearl of the world.
In Future Post this Teacher will be known as
Ms. Pearl

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