Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Their Weapons are their Crystal Eyes

My Phoenix's eyes have always been light sensitive  , it seems.  As far back AS I remember, as soon as Phoenix could grab a pair sunglasses and could get  the Sunglasses on his face he was wearing them.
Sunglasses as Daily wear are a Must for my Crystal Child.  As an Autism mom, its hard to figure out what in the world a toddler with zero speech, needs to feel better.
Autism Crystal Children have an overload of sensory happening.

If you could quite One sensory, to help make your Crystal Child with Autism Feel better in Their Own Skin.  Try a pair of sunglasses.
All crystal Children on a Much Higher Vibration than us typical people.
My Crystal baby was blinded when he went into Walmart.
I always thought, it was the Hum of the Lights, or maybe the brightness of the Florescent Lights.
That was putting him into sensory overload, which leads to a Meltdown.
It was rough going when we have Baby/Toddler crystal children with autism.

 The telepathy between parents and children can come in to play, but when your Autistic crystal child are a baby through the Toddler stage, you as the parent are going through a transformation Right along side your Crystal Baby, trying to figure out this earthly place.. So, Us parents could miss somethings, and that's ok. Its Okay! I promise.

For Some strange Reason, Since , Phoenix was a Brand New Baby, he has attracted attention.
Rather, the attention was positive or the attention negative.  A typical Person notices  him within moments of him entering a room.  Now, that's  he is 10 old, he makes it a point to let everyone know, Im Here! But, he never has to say a Word. and with Autism,  Phoenix, just would not talk, unless I remind him.
You dont even realize that Phoenix has sucked you in until its to late.
But, When all eyes are On you at Once, and sporadically as you make your way through a walmart or
even Now, we are talking a 10 year old in elementary school.
All the Children Know Phoenix's name.
"What's Up Phoenix?"
How He does this, Maybe I"ll think on it, if that tells you anything.

Phoenix has to cover his Crystal Eyes with sunglasses.
Extra dark black sunglasses.
When he figured out, Sunglasses are amazing,
His life Changed, One of his Sensorys calmed.
Its never going change for Phoenix, All their Eyes will be curious.
Who knows where the Curious Eyes come from.
Phoenix feels better, no matter where he his, with his sunglasses on.
if we are at a restaurant, glasses on,  grocery shopping sunglasses, school sunglasses.
Phoenix didnt want to make eye to eye contact with .Typical people
When Phoenix makes Eye Contact with you,
His eyes can Pierce you.
With Light and Dark Arrows.
When He was a Baby/toddler he didnt really have a Handle on , All those eyes.
The Sunglasses covered His Crystal Eyes.
Cover those Crystal Eyes.

Now, Phoenix, can pull His sunglasses down , and Show his Crystal eyes.
Only when he decides.
He Uses his Crystal eyes as a weapon. Look Away. Enough!
Phoenix can also Give Great Love with his Crystal Eyes if you have been chosen, and he lowers his sunglasses for you.

When you study characteristics of Crystal children, they're so shiny with bunny like energy.
Some Crystal Children ooze their light energy.
And they are so kind and loving
Not knowing and just wanting to be themselves, the crystals need to learn how to Protect themselves.
Protection in form of a weapon, is their Crystal Eyes!
Those Crystal Eyes need to be covered.
Some children with Autism, may not be able to keep the glasses on their face. Sensory sensory are everyday.
But, you can only hope and try a new idea.
Crystal Children might benefit more from sunglasses.

I would like to note. In your internet searches, I"m sure you've seen  Lots of Crystal children with Bright Blue eyes. and Maybe your Crystal has Blue Eyes.
The Crystal Children with Brown eyes Exists.

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