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Greetings And Welcome Again.
This Post is hard for to write, But I still would like to Share All sides of Our world.

My Hardest Challenge as A Crystal Mom. 

Autism, a Crystal, With Super Strength 
My Phoenix has always been able to Tap into his adrenaline.
Believe it or not Phoenix tapped into his Adrenaline the first time when he weighed Only Twenty Pounds.  Phoenix was sick, and needed antibiotics in the form of a Shot.
Phoenix thought his was Fighting For his Life, Fighting from a antibiotic needle.
He did Not want that needle.
He Tapped His Adrenaline, and the Hulk made One of His First Appearances. 
It took his dad, two nurses and me to hold him long enough to get his antibiotic shot.
I actually wrote about this For the First Time In 2013.
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My Phoenix ,
When He was a toddler , And his Sensory Issues would bother  him.
Phoenix would try his best as a toddler to manage his Sensory Over Load,
Some days he Just Couldn't.
With His Sensory Over load. And His Crystal Vibration Magnifying  everything
Phoenix would handle as Much of that magnified Crystal Vibration as his tiny Body Could.
My Babies Body Just wasn't able to process That amount of Intense Vibration
All Of a Sudden, I felt the Change In my son.
Phoenix Disappeared into his Own Darkness
 Phoenix would Radiate Dark Energy through His Eyes.
His Pupils would Dilate and his Eyes turned deep Black.
I knew ,  Melt Down was On the Way.
5,4,3,2,1  Atomic Bomb !!!
After He Finally Made it through his Melt Down and his Own Darkness.
Phoenix Burned through His Magnified Crystal Vibration.
He was Back. and Happy again,
A Phoenix

Phoenix has Grown Older.
Now he is  In Elementary School.
 Phoenix is Tall, Skinny and He is Not Athletic.
His ability to tap into his adrenaline remains.
Yes, His Adrenaline Tap Remains, and His is a Growing Boy,
Who has Grown Incredibly Strong.

Phoenix's  Sensory Filled  Structured school Days can bring far more than a Meltdown.
He has Grown Older.
His Crystal Vibration has grown Stronger
Phoenix Melts Downs  Turns into his Dark Energy, 
His Dark Energy
Turns into Anger
Then to Rage
Then Phoenix tapped in his Adrenalin
Phoenix Disappears into The Darkness. and Rage
My Phoenix Is Not There.
Bringing Out The Hulk.

When Phoenix Became the Hulk  in school I was stunned.
Phoenix was Angry, because he finished his work, and didn't receive his reward.
It was time to switch learning stations. and a teacher  pulled him away by his arms to go to the next station without His Reward.
First Phoenix sent a warning Shot with his Eyes.
Those Crystal Eyes turned  Black and Radiated Darkness .
Phoenix tapped that Adrenalin in One second
Again My Phoenix was Not There.

 He vanished in his own darkness
Becoming The Hulk
That Poor Teacher, received a Head But in the Nose From Phoenix, in Full HULK mode.
Still, with his Adrenalin, Full Hulk, He began Throwing Classroom chairs around the Room.
Phoenix was Out of Control. 
Phoenix finally calmed Down, And He was His Sweet Self Again.
 From the Hulk back to Bruce Banner.
And that Poor teacher had to go get her Nose Checked at the Hospital. It was Black and Blue.
I Felt SO SAD.. for The Teacher, My Phoenix, and Myself
I lost My Faith...
What Could I Do?
I said I was So Sorry to His Teacher. A hundred times, but it was still not enough.
His Teacher assured me she Still loved Phoenix, as I'm looking at her Nose and her  black eyes. with Deep depressed Sadness.
Phoenix at the time was in 2nd grade. a Little Boy..  Already causing Fear from his teacher!

This mommy was Broken.. my heart was in a thousand pieces.
My Phoenix.
My Crystal.
My heart.
Your love
Your hugs feel like a Million Heavens.
What was happening with my Child?
A Crystal Child..

I  had dreams of him long before he was born to me.
How Could this be , a Crystal Child , with  this Super Strength?
Adrenaline tapping Child. A Hulk! I questioned everything about Phoenix.I doubted him to be a Crystal Child.  I never in my travels seen a Crystal Child become Dark.
I thought maybe,
Phoenix is mad at me for Being Born, and He was Much happier being at home among the Stars of Pleiades.
Just what I was going through, No One Could Understand.
Tear after Tear. I could Lift a Drought
When He is the Hulk, He is Just Gone.

I wonder where he goes to.

Another School Year.
I was hoping for the Best .
Yoga in School was helping soothe that Overwhelming Vibration Aura of His.
Mrs. Pearl has been Teaching Phoenix to calm and Balance that Vibration of his with Yoga.
We Were Doing Alright. Phoenix Loved Mrs. Pearl.
Phoenix was Calm and Happy.
we has made it to February.
But, One day at Horse therapy.
Phoenix had a Hulk Moment.
Mrs Pearl didn't have any Apple Juice that day.

And Phoenix wanted More Cheetos. I didn't know at this Point My Phoenix was eating Cheetos, with Food Dye that makes his Mind Crazy.
Phoenix was Going Dark.
Mrs Pearl tried To Calm Him, By Using Yoga Mantras.
"I am Calm "
"Mrs. Pearl is Here."
Phoenix wasn't having it.
Especially after Eating the Mind Altering Cheetos.
Phoenix was Going Darker , and when he get to a certain Level, there is No coming back from it.
A Warning Shot was Fired Through his Crystal Eyes .
Phoenix Tapped his Adrenaline.
Then we Lost him to the Hulk.
Phoenix Put a Huge Knot on Mrs.Pearl Head.
Phoenix came back to us, Just Like Bruce Banner Does.
Phoenix realizing something went wrong.
Just Keep looking At Mrs. Pearl Head.
"Asking whats the matter.'
Mrs Pearl was sent to the Doctor to check for a concussion.
It was so Heartbreaking. Phoenix Loves Mrs Pearl.
And I was so Fearful their Bond would be Broken over this,
But In another Miracle, Phoenix and Mrs. Pearl Became Closer.

Phoenix Still has had so Many Triumphs , Calming My Hulk
Mrs Pearl and Yoga Poses Keeping Him Calm.
Using the Mantra
I am Calm.
Mrs.Pearl, creating her Own Miracles, With Phoenix.
She is the Only One who Can Get to Phoenix when He is Going Dark.
Phoenix has Levels Of Darkness, and when he get to Level Six, There is No turning Back.
Mrs.Pearl has successfully turned  Phoenix 's Darkness back from Level Five back to One.
Mrs Pearl and her daily Yoga.
Mrs Pearl teaching Phoenix  to Program his Mind and Spirit with Yoga Poses, Energy, and Mantras.
Calming the Hulk within.

Mrs Pearl has had Many Great Successes keeping Phoenix balanced and Keeping Calm.
Another Miracle. With Mrs Pearl's Yoga.
Can you Imagine if you have a Child with Autism with Anger Issues?
and Suddenly through the Power Of Yoga, Your Child can learn to sooth their Anger with Yoga?
Its a Beautiful thing. But, It takes Time, and Lots of Yoga.

Phoenix has A long way to Go, and More time and More Yoga.
A Couple Of weeks ago. Sadly Phoenix lost himself into darkness again.
Phoenix had spent time outside at the end of the school day, and maybe became to hot. Crystal children are Heat Sensitive. Phoenix was packing up at the end of the school day and  decided he wanted Mrs Pearl's marker to take home. and she said "No"
Phoenix cant have everything.
All the school Children were going home,   the entire school, loading the Buses.
Phoenix couldn't handle his day anymore.
And He Just went Dark.
He  Fired a warning Shot of Dark Energy Through his Crystal Eyes .
Tapped that Adrenaline.
And Phoenix disappeared into his Own Dark Energy with those Black Eyes.
and The Hulk came Out with More Power and Strength than Ever before.
The Strength of two men..  and feeling no pain.
I can Not ever Understand, He went after Mrs Pearl.
Phoenix had to be Restrained by Mrs Pearl and Her Teacher Assistant, Then, The 6'2 Giant Principle had to come help restrain My Hulk.
Phoenix went Hulk in front of all the other school children.
Can you imagine what those Children were Thinking??
At least I know Phoenix will never get Bullied.
The school called for me to Pick him up.
when I got to him
It was just like looking at Bruce Banner coming back from being the Hulk.
The Kid Looked like he had just been to war. This Mommy had to clean up the Ruins the Hulk had left behind. Every time I think about this I want to cry.

Please Dont  Fear Phoenix

After Moments When Phoenix becomes The Hulk
They are Afraid Of you , what are you going to do next?
I always tell myself that its going to alright.
Being a Mom to Phoenix, I worry his Teachers are Afraid of him.
FEAR, my Phoenix.
Phoenix can sense when People Fear Him, and He magnifies every emotion back to you.
Including Fear. Making the Person have a More uncomfortable  Fear towards him.
Phoenix can use that fear to get his way with a Teacher Assistant.
When Phoenix should be working, The TA will let Phoenix draw Animals, or whatever he wants.
using her Fear against her.
Don't Fear! 

My Phoenix
Everyone who meets him, Loves him.
It something without warning, You Just Love him.
when he is balanced,
He Is Vibrant and full Of Life.
Full Of Love..
Phoenix's Crystal Eyes Become Large and His Aura is the Light that can be seen.
Phoenix Just Loves Being Alive.
and In turn
He shows you want it means to be Alive.
Phoenix, Just Needs you to take Some time with him.
And He can, without Any Words, Can Show you what you need to Live.
Phoenix Can Preach without words. Just that Crystal Vibration.
This was my confusion. Phoenix is a Crystal Child in every sense.
Amazing Coincidences That become Miracles happen all around this Beautiful Child.
I waited My Whole Life for Phoenix,  He is A Miracle..
But,This Adrenalin Tapping Dark Energy, Hulk. Is not a Crystal Characteristic of a Crystal.
One thing I can Not deny, He was born with this Ability of the Adrenalin Tap.
I've read that some children with Autism Develop Blind Rage. I have never read anywhere about a twenty month old, with Blind Rage.. anything is possible though..
Crystal Children are Sensitive , if they feel a Threat , They will retreat and find Safety Within themselves.

I know One Crystal, If he feels a Threat, Maybe he does retreat within Himself, But, A Strong Force Of Power and Strength Emerges.
Phoenix will use his abilities, If he Must.
Adrenaline Tap. Including an Incredible Pain tolerance ..

If All Crystals Feel The need to retreat when they feel a Threat. What would happen if these Crystal Children were in a Group?  a Threat Arises..  To harm them.
Even with all of Their Magnificent Powerful vibrations.  The Crystals Could Not Defend Themselves.
But, There Is One, One Crystal, That will Destroy that Threat.

I know I have a hard time wrapping my head around Phoenix and turning Dark. And you may not understand it either.
But, where there is dark , there is Light.
Phoenix is trying to balance his Vibration and grow into a massive aura. It's difficult for him. But, when he is balanced,
He Is the most loving , cuddly little boy. You just can't get enough of that genuine love. He heals, he soothes, and brings comfort.
With great work with Yoga. Phoenix has learned to be calm.
Phoenix just needs to keep moving forward, with Yoga and becoming one with the Mantra, I am Calm

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