Sunday, April 2, 2017

Crystal Children With Autism , The Yoga, The Healers

As an Autism Mom. if your child has Autism.Give yoga a try . that's right.
Kids inclusive Yoga.
A special needs Yoga class for children with Autism.
I have a whole new Sense of wonderment with Yoga .
I had the chance to be an eye witness of the advances Phoenix has made this school year with Yoga.
Mrs. Pearl is the one person who reached Phoenix.
Mrs Pearl with her daily Yoga time.
At school.Three times a Day Yoga.
Imagine seven special needs children, on their very own yoga mats, in a circle
Calming and Soothing themselves three times a day with
Yoga is exceptional in calming and Soothing children on the Autism spectrum.
Calming their Sensory needs.
 But the yoga must be consistent, everyday.
Mrs.Pearl is connecting with her students. Unlike any other teacher, I've encountered.
With yoga, Crystal Children and Autism can find themselves.
And feel good in their own skin, for the first time.
When Autistic Crystal Children feel good in their own skin,
Miracles Happen.
Their body and soul feel like they can finally co habitat together.
I watched Two beautiful Crystal Children with Autism, start to feel better.
I watched Two Crystal Children, calming sensory overload with Yoga.
Mrs.Pearl guiding her students to be calm with Yoga.
"I am Calm"
"I am Brave"
"I am Smart"
But, something else was happening through Mrs.Pearl yoga.
As the Crystals became little Yogi's together.
Together the Crystals practicing their Yoga poses.
I watched the Crystal children healing themselves together as they go through Yoga.

A famous Author known for her books and seminars on Crystal Children.
I cant really mention the Author's name. But, A quick internet search, can give you clues to her name.
I have read from her books about Crystal children's God given ability of healing people.
Healing An ailment of another person ,
one after another
Crystal after Crystal healing the  Sick,
 Ailment after Ailment. Healed.
Laying hands on a relative that is bed ridden. HEALED
And God Bless them for their healing abilities, and the life's they have changed

The Crystal Healers
Phoenix attends a kids inclusion yoga class on Sundays.
And when I wait on the steps, waiting for class to end,I could sense the incredible healing energy through the room
And it made me think. And think
Those crystals are here to help each other Heal.
Each Crystal carry  their own vibration, their own energy.
In yoga that vibration energy is transformed .
With healing energy
One Crystal to another.
Maybe, Crystals are here to heal the sick.
But, in thinking in a Brand New way.
The Crystal Children with Autism can heal each other through, yoga. Yoga Reaching deep in the soul with beautiful healing love.
 the Crystal Children with Autism ,Together,  slowly, slowly,slowly heal their needs. Whatever their needs are.
 With Yoga.
Mrs Pearl's Yoga.

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