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Crystal Children with Brown Eyes, Crystals in Disguise

Do you ever wonder about Crystal Children traits?
Do you wonder if your child with Autism is a Crystal child?
You will find yourself searching the web.. Finding many websites listing their characteristics or traits of Crystal Children .  The most famous characteristics and traits are their Hypnotic Crystal eyes. The Crystal children have intense eyes when their vibration, When  fully ascended and Born on the Golden Ray, the Sixth dimension of  Conscious. Crystal children  can master the power of their Mysterious Crystal eyes.  Those Crystal Eyes more can do far than, gaze into souls.

The Crystal Eye Gaze
 One ability of their Crystal Eyes is to first make eye contact ,then Through those eyes, they can check out a new persons vibration entering their world, through those eyes they can adjust how much protective light they need to Protect their  Crystal Aura. Crystal Children always need to protect themselves and their Aura.

Mrs.Pearl Is Phoenix's CHOSEN ONE.
Those Crystal Eyes are to be used for sending powerful amounts of love, to a CHOSEN ONE,  with just simply looking into their Crystal Eyes.  Having experienced my Phoenix's eye contact, exchanging our love. That loving energy was so soul lifting, heavenly, even......
my Crystal only chooses to share his Eyes and Love with very few Chosen people. Phoenix only chooses people who love him unconditionally, both his great days, and those Dark days in Return for his Genuine honest Crystal Love.

Crystal Children  with Autism can express many emotions from a glance of their Crystal Eyes, without saying a word.   and Those Crystal Eyes may have a significant role in a Crystal Child 'ability for telepathy.
Just note those Crystal Eyes have a greater purpose than just looking mysterious, and Crystal gazing into People's Souls.

Phoenix's First Use of His Crystal Eyes..
When the big  day finally came, and Phoenix was born. His birth was difficult. Phoenix , never cried.when he gasped his first breath on Earth.  I was freaking out.  Can you imagine listening to a silent room after your baby is born???? Phoenix more than made up for being silent and not crying.first , he was taken and completed his health check.
 he was healthy, the no crying thing is an odd birth. Finally, the nurses brought us a swaddled brand new Phoenix. With Brand New Wide Open Eyes. I told the nurse his father will hold him first. After all , I've known Phoenix in my dreams forever.And His Father must hold him first.
As soon as Phoenix is placed in his father's arms, my brand new baby boy,  Looks up into his Father's eyes, with his Giant Black saucer eyes.Thats Correct.
 Black Eyes.. With those Wide Crystal Eyes  gazing in the eyes of his father for the first time.  I had never witnessed Black wide open eyes on a Brand new baby before .just gazing into the eyes of his father.. while my son and husband looked into each other eyes for the first time. Time  Stopped.  I quickly sensed I was not my husband 's most loved soul in the universe anymore. Within minutes of Phoenix being born., Phoenix was using His Crystal Eyes. the crystal  gaze

Just note those Crystal Eyes have a greater purpose than just looking mysterious, and Crystal gazing into People's Souls. I will post more on those Crystal Eyes later.

  Now, use Google images and search for Crystal Children Eyes. Go ahead and take a peek Crystal  Children Eyes are a mystery, not for us to understand. In your search, Did you notice most all the Crystal Children have blue eyes??? Not ordinary blue eyes. Blue eyes belonging to incredible higher beings. At first glance of a Crystal child with blue eyes , you literally may need take a pause for a minute.
 A Blue Eyed Crystal child can not make an entrance anywhere without those

Crystal blue Crystal eyes saying hello to everyone. They cant hid.
Now, looking through the Crystal children eyes, how many of those Crystal Eyes were Brown?
 Not many.
I always thought to myself , Why would Crystal Children only have Blue Eyes..The Gods wouldn't choose only Blue Eyed Parents for these  Star Children to be born to..

Crystal  Children with Brown Eyes, Crystals in Disguise.

If you had a miracle , of  learning of the Crystal Children.
AND then you think to yourself, my child has all these Crystal Children characteristics and traits.
Could it be????
 My Child could be crystal ?
Everything makes sense about your child finally...
But,, My Child has just average Brown Eyes????
and you're stuck just wondering about the possibility of it all ?
From just Life with Phoenix, I have seen many different Crystals . Always a Crystal with Blue Eyes though..
 Always A Blue Eyed Crystal blasting indescribable Light through their Magnificent  Eyes.  Crystal children born with blue eyes  can't hid their eyes from the world. It really helps to answer questions about lack of  Eye contact in Autism. Blue Eyed Crystal Children with Autism would need to shield their eyes. Making forced eye contact could be painful for them.

The Light that you Shine through your Brown Crystal Eyes can't be seen.

If your a mom, and you have a child with autism, and you have been searching for more answers.  And Searching for More answers about Crystal Children.  Searching because of those Brown Eyes.
Crystal Children with Brown Eyes are here.
And if for some miracle,
you the reader ,
 were searching today and found this blog post.
Still wondering about your Brown eyed Crystal child? You found my blog post for a reason.
Hooray! You have your answer.
Your search for answers lead you to this Blog Post for a reason. You have a Crystal Brown!!
Phoenix has Brown Eyes! Phoenix is a Crystal Child.
 There is no doubt.
 A Brown eyed Crystal.
A Crystal Child that has Mastered his Crystal Eyes.
Phoenix knew he needed his eyes covered before I did.
All Crystal Children need to wear sunglasses to shield their Crystal Eyes.
From my many observations of different Crystal Children.
Unlike The Crystal Blues,
The Crystal Browns are rare.
Not only that. Crystal Browns can choose to be a Crystal child in Disguise.
Not even the Best of the Best of the spiritual light workers could detect them.  Phoenix has the ability to hid with the power of his Crystal Eyes.  Crystal Browns can turn their  Crystal vibration ,so, low , and undetectable.  But, when the moment  comes, A Crystal Brown,and Their Chosen One in the Universe will show their Crystal Vibration.
The CHOSEN ONE  is spiritually connected to the Crystal Child, and very likely to be an Elder Indigo. and also a Light Worker.
When the spiritual Connection is made,  Then  their vibration slowly starts , to start shining light , now they can be seen, because they choose to be.
Yoga can benefit both Crystal Brown and Crystal Blues,
But a Crystal Brown needs daily Yoga therpy . Yoga helps to slowly align their  chakras, and  helps with Tuning up their Vibration..
 Yoga is therapy for any child on the Autism Spectrum.
 But Crystal Children with Autism,need Yoga as much as they need water and air.
I've witnessed with my own eyes,  Yoga can Heal, even the Crystal Children locked safely away.
Phoenix hides his Crystal Aura. He always has.
Most Crystal Children can be detected in seconds from a light workers glance. Even the most famous gifted  of the Light workers couldn't detect Phoenix.
 Never within a glance.
And every Crystal Brown , I've ever had the miracle of meeting.
all their Crystal Aura's were vibrating low. I often had to meet the child and think and think , and it came to me later."  OMG that was a Crystal Child with Brown eyes."
Crystal Blue's are Everywhere, I can Detect Blues with Little Effort.

I have encountered a few Crystal Children with Brown Eyes.

Crystal Brown's....   A Crystal Child with Brown Eyes..  Clues...

Those Crystal Brown's eyes can turn very dark and  become reflective Black Mirrors .

You can see them adjusting their Pupils of their eyes. their Pupils appear to take over the entire Iris. Making the Eye  Appear Black, a Dark endless Portal.

If you get a chance to experience a Crystal gaze with a Crystal Child with Brown eyes, you will be able to see yourself reflecting back in those Crystal Eyes.  Just like a reflection in a mirror. You see yourself in their Eyes.

Crystal Browns often reflect sparkling STARS in their eyes.
 Seeing stars in Crystal Children's eyes are a gift from the heavens.
 Stars in Crystal Children's eyes can be captured in certain photographs.
If your lucky enough to push your camera phone button at the correct moment.
and without a Flash.

MRS. Pearl. A CHOSEN ONE. An Indigo
Mrs Pearl guides these Crystals With Yoga, and yoga every day, their Crystal vibration starts to become detectable. Growing even more comfortable with their Crystal Vibration within their human body.
with Mrs. Pearl's Love, Yoga, Patience, trust.  Leads to Comfort .
And By the Will Of the Gods,a Crystal Child joining in Yoga, who is born on the Golden Ray..
 A Crystal Child Born on the Golden Ray is called a Golden Crystal.
A Golden crystal carries  a Crystal-Golden Aura
That Crystal Child born on the Golden Ray, can help lift a hidden Crystal Brown's vibration. Healing their Vibration, enhancing their  Vibration, and spiritually guide them through adjusting to their Vibration by the use of their Aura
 But , this Crystal Child, ( you know who he is? lol)
 who just happened to be a Golden Crystal, by Birth,,    looks like a Child with Autism. No Bells or whistle about him.  and He's even a Brat sometimes..
 But, He needed Daily yoga Therapy With Mrs. Pearl more than you can imagine,  to Learn to  Stay Calm through Yoga. before Yoga. Meltdowns and rage were Atomic...
 this Golden Crystal also needed to find his Crystal friends to help him heal .
To Heal  from being alone for so long..
 His First Friends of his entire life.
Even though he has a Golden-Aura. He needed his barely vibrating Crystal Brown Friends, more than they needed him.
that  Golden Crystal became a   golden Beacon ,asking for Crystal Friends, to  please  Come out.

And very slowly,
those Crystal children with Brown Eyes. the Crystal Browns. 
One by One,
They  would make their appearance.
Finding Each Other.
 Becoming Friends.  Yes!! Friends!!
Friendships. and someone whose is just like them.
Happy Crystal Children playing,learning and growing together, being friends..
But, the best part, These Crystal Children no matter their Aura Color ,Crystal eye Color, the strength in vibration.
Crystal Children Need All their Crystal Friends.

During Mrs. Pearl's guided yoga ,
 the crystal children are together ,
as Friends.
Doing their Yoga poses together. Calming each other first. Encouraging each other.. calming themselves, and then all together, relaxing  their Crystal Aura, in comfort together.
Those Crystal Children lift each other Up when their together!!!
And when their Crystal Auras are lifted Up together,
For a moment,
Their at peace with their Whole Crystal Selves.

Using Yoga as a Crystal Group's  purpose of working their vibration together.  , in spirit and on earth.
 Crystal Browns TOGETHER,can Show their True selves to Each other, without Fear. 
A Crystal Child with Brown Eyes!!

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